June 16

The Maple Bar to replace Maple Leaf Grill



The Maple Leaf Grill closed about three weeks ago.

Now there are signs a new bar will open at the site, 8929 Roosevelt Way N.E.

“Please excuse our mess.  We will be reopening in August!

“The Maple Bar will be a family friendly pub during the day and cocktails, ales and wines for the adults in the evening. Open 12-12 weekdays and 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. weekends.”

It’s signed: “Cheers, Libby and Heather.”

Thanks to reader Rob, who spotted the sign and noted: “A liquor license application is in the window, and it looks like they will serve hard liquor.”

The old grill was posted on Zillow as a business opportunity only (not real estate):

Maple Leaf Grill, a neighborhood favorite since 1989, is located in a charming 1920’s house with views of Mt Rainier and the Olympics. With a cozy fireside dining room & a seasonal patio for 12 overlooking their herb garden, the grill has something for everyone & is ADA accessible. This turn-key opportunity features large kitchen w/ type 1 hood, walk in cooler, and efficient floor plan that seats 49. Basement w/ prep and storage space. Room to run catering service in addition to the restaurant.

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  1. Re Elaine; I have lived in maple leaf all my life. I remember when that “Green Skunk” pot shop was a little grocery store owned by an old one armed (got run over by a German tank) WW2 vet. I`ll bet he is spinning in his grave.

  2. No matter what it is like, I’m sure I’ll be melancholy for the Maple Leaf with Gwen, Pat and crew. But maybe they will have a larger tv with baseball. Or maybe a dance floor. 😉 LOL. Hopefully no cigars allowed.

  3. Scuttlebutt at yesterday’s Mini Meet in the warehouse/parking lot just north of The Rez, and just across from the The Reservoir, mixed use building going in, old building coming down.

    Hell of a view from the upstairs living units. Hope they actually are required to install some parking spaces.

  4. Annie…Please feel free to buy the place across from the park yourself and open your very own for-real- eats eatery.

  5. I love the name Maple Bar! I personally welcome more bars, I like bar hopping and think having a couple walkable of each other helps all of them and is a factor that draws people in. I like pub food, and let’s be honest here, to succeed in our neighborhood you have to sell more than just food, booze pays the bills. @Thomas Paine, ironically, the city with the highest current min wage, San Francisco, and the state with the highest current min wage, Washington, have the highest growth in small businesses! Also, the way it’s set up to phase in so slowly isn’t really going to have the impact that the doom and gloomers have been pushing.

  6. This is good news, and I love the name! Can’t wait to see the menu. I hope it has the vibe that MLG did, where it was a congenial place to hang out for an hour or two if you went in by yourself. I’m sure the Rez is fine for that if you’re male, but the last couple of times I went into the Roosevelt Street Ale House the entryway was completely taken up by giant strollers.

  7. @Allan:

    “But will The Maple Bar sell maple bars?”

    Hopefully they will and include a strip of bacon on top like Voodoo in Portland 🙂

  8. Love the name, Maple Bar.

    What is parking going to be like up yonder with the new development going in?

    Ace could start charging for parking after hours if the parking situation gets too tight.

    I expect good quality pub grub, welcome to the ‘hood.

  9. It’s too bad the Lagos family can’t be convinced to reopen the Continental Pastry Shop in this location. The customer base would come from around the city, around the country, and Seattle would have found a small part of its soul again.

    The Continental was a University district institution for decades, until the end of June, last year.

  10. MapleLeafBob: Spot on and agreed. Hard to imagine that this location (with noted kitchen space) would serve “simple” bar food. Good luck Libby and Heather in the new venture!

  11. I am glad its not an office, holistic doctor, midwife, or something like that. I am excited to see how it turns out.

    I will wait and see how the food is before passing judgment. I have eaten some so called pub food that blows a lot of wanna be fancy eateries out of the water.

  12. Pub food isn’t really an eatery. Again, don’t get me wrong, I do hope they do well, but if I wanted pub food, again, I could hit Rez or Roosevelt Ale House. 🙁

    Anybody wanna buy the place across from the park and make a for-reals eatery? I’d love some Greek food… or maybe a Japanese shabu-shabu place? Now I’m just doing wishful thinking… 😉

  13. Well, they called it a pub – and if they serve hard liquor they will certainly have some food so I don’t think you need to worry about the food option.

  14. Annie, I totally agree. I’m consistently looking for new places to eat and our surrounding neighborhoods just don’t offer enough unique options. 🙁

  15. While I’m elated something’s going in there that isn’t basically office space, I’m kind of perplexed that a BAR is going there. We already have the Roosevelt Ale House and even The Rez nearby… what I wish we’d gotten was someplace for food! There really aren’t enough local places to eat… 🙁

    All the same I wish them good luck, and will keep hoping for more food options to open up somewhere close by!

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