December 21

More reports of stolen mail – are thieves really following the delivery truck?



Karen emails this afternoon:

My neighbor and I just found two boxes that were pilfered on the sidewalk (we live at 12th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 88th Street)…one of them meant to be delivered to a 65th and 16th address, not sure about the other one.

Addresses still intact on one box and a tracking number present for the other package… neighbor has called the police and they are sending a patrol car over to get the information.

She’s the same Karen who reported packages stolen from her porch in our last post on this subject.

In addition, on that same post Susan commented:

There have been two daytime break ins over the past two weeks in Meadowbrook (near Northeast 98th Street between 35th Avenue Northeast and Ravenna Avenue Northeast) and one attempted break in. Several packages have been stolen off of front porches. It has been reported in the news that people follow the UPS trucks around.

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  1. We just confirmed that at least one box was stolen from our doorstep on 12/12, midday, and we’re trying to verify if a second one is still in transit, or if it was swiped, too. We’re at 15th and 89th. Bummer for my family, I’m feeling violated, and from here on, all shipments will be sent to my office. Agree we all need to watch out for one another. 🙁

  2. Hi Dan H. I live in your area and your mailwoman is very nice. if you have a problem with her delivery you can tell her. She is very friendly. Mapleleaf boby…you just need a mailbox. i had a slot once, but those were just made for letter. mailboxes are much easier for everyone

  3. @Dan H

    I have had the same problem. I have a locking mailbox and when the amount of mail can’t all be shoved through the slot in one try, instead of separating it and pushing through two “chunks” which would take about 5 extra seconds, the mail person just jams the end in with the majority of it sticking out of the box. Many of our magazines end up being ripped and torn up because of this and sometimes they just throw the entire pile on the front door step and we get to come home to soggy mail. Looks I will have to either buy a new mailbox with a larger slot or get my sawzall out.

  4. My husband and I happened upon a would-be mail theft on the 500 block of 104th yesterday. We went to check our mail after dark and a car had just pulled up to the cluster of mailboxes. We didn’t think anything of it (assuming it was a neighbor, etc) until they noticed we were walking towards the mailboxes and threw the car in reverse and took off. We called the police and made a suspicious activity report, but just a reminder to stay diligent for yourselves and neighbors! This potential theft was stopped purely by accident – we will definitely be paying more attention to who is pulling up to our mailboxes going forward.

  5. We live at 82nd and 8th and have had a succession of new mail carriers. They all leave the mail hanging out of the box instead of putting it in and closing the lid…made me wonder if this is assisting the mail theives in seeing what is “available”?

  6. Did i mention rich people bobby? fedex has no time to deal with that shit. by the way, ups and fedex do this all the time. they put the parcels in bushes and sides of stairways. This guy just happened to get caught. go with usps!

  7. @wish:

    Oh boo hoo!! Automatically assuming people who have a camera and metal gates is some evil rich person. Get over it.

    That attitude is driven by envy and envy only. It’s pathetic and childish.

  8. Oh Wish.. and then you’d be “Wishin” you still had a job! ahahahah.. I’m sure if they have steel gates & a camera that they also have a bell to ring? To tell them their pkg is there? And leave it outside the gates?? But then again.. if that house were in Maple Leaf.. which it wouldn’t be because nobody has gates & cameras in Maple Leaf… it would get stolen!! Stolen or broken.. I guess that’s our only choices. Boo! I say have ’em shipped to your work address if you have one!!!

  9. Susan I did see that story.. amazing.. the ONE thing they have to do is get pkgs from point A to point B intact.. and to see this Fedex guy just throw a fragile computer monitor is just ridiculous. He should be put on desk duty for a bit for his actions at the least!

  10. Guess ya’ll didn’t watch the horror story of Fedex and UPS delivery on the news the other night. They just THROW fragile stuff over fences and into yards with no regard at all. It was horrifying to watch the news clip. So we have UPS busting it up or thieives stealing it. What a world.

  11. I work from home often and have been waiting to catch one of these clowns on my porch. If you see some punk running the down the street being chased by a guy with a big baseball bat, it’s probably me doing the chasing.

    Let’s all be more diligent about looking out for each others houses in the neighborhood.

  12. Oh if there were only the funds & resources to spend to catch people like this! Could set them up by mailing something of value to a home….. hide a GPS tracking device on it.. and then get em! Hhahaa.. If only. .

  13. Hmmm. This really makes me mad. I almost want to send a package to my house just so I can catch these jerks! Maybe I should.. This neighborhood really is going to #&*(.

  14. We had a package stolen from our front porch on the 30th. We’re at 5th & 90th. I’m assuming it was stolen since Fedex tracking stated “left on front porch” yet we never found it.

  15. Someone suspicious on 91st yesterday evening. He was walking slowly east toward 12th Ave, looking in windows and walking up to houses. Called the police. They said it was the right thing to do. Sigh. Sad and annoying.

  16. What is up with UPS people not even ringing the doorbell or knocking? I am home but they never ring the bell and I just end up finding the package on the doorstep.

  17. I live near NE 170th St and 15th (N. City neighborhood) and saw someone suspicious walking down the street one Saturday, minutes behind the mailman. That same afternoon, one of my neighbors found my mail in the ditch in front of their house, a couple of doors down.

  18. I had a package delivered by UPS and left in the lobby at my apartment building stolen. I was home at the time and the driver should of rang my doorbell instead of just leaving it out in the open for thieves to steal.

  19. I think if you contact UPS they can leave packages at other locations than the front porch (rear door, etc). That probably won’t help if people are following the truck but could help for random drive-by thieves.

  20. This is now commonplace. They often follow Amazon Fresh and steal food! As well as, of course, UPS. 2011 is the year of signature delivery.

  21. I commented on the older post, but it seems relevant here too….

    We live at 94th & 15th and have recently had 3 different packages stolen from our front porch :(. UPS confirmed the delivery on 2 separate days. I hope this is holiday desperation and not a sign of the neighborhood.

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