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Shoplifting, robbery suspect arrested in Northgate, Ballard incidents

July 24th, 2013 by Mike

Seattle Police this morning said they have arrested a suspect in a shoplifting/robbery incident at the J.C. Penny store at Northgate Mall on Saturday.

They believe he is the same suspect who shoplifted $800 in alcohol from a store on Northwest Market Street in Ballard earlier this month, police said.

In both cases the suspect was confronted by security officers at the store, and was found to be carrying weapons, said Detective Mark Jamieson, a police spokesman.

Shopliftings are common at the mall, and sometimes turn into assaults or robberies when they escalate. (If they remain shopliftings, we rarely report them.)

Jamieson’s full report:

Robbery detectives are investigating two North Seattle robberies that occurred in recent weeks believed to have been committed by the same suspect.

On the afternoon of Friday, July 12th, a lone white male entered a grocery store in Ballard and shoplifted $800 worth of alcohol. Store security confronted him as he was leaving the store. The suspect fought with security and pulled out a knife and attempted to stab one of the security officers. The suspect fled before police arrived.

On Saturday evening, July 20th, a similar incident occurred inside the J.C. Penny store at the Northgate Mall. The suspect was confronted by store security and fought with them after he was observed shoplifting. The suspect was detained and taken into custody by officers. Two knives were recovered from the suspect. The suspect was taken to the hospital after he was refused by the jail for a medical issue. The 53-year-old suspect was eventually booked into jail yesterday.

The detectives assigned the cases compared notes and determined that it was the same suspect. Both cases have been forwarded to the prosecutor’s office. Robbery detectives continue to follow up on the investigations.

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