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Seattle Department of Transportation paid parking survey

August 11th, 2011 by master

While we do not have parking meters or pay stations, nearby neighborhoods such the University District do. Seattle Department of Transportation is conducting an online survey about paid parking, as part of a project to make paid parking more available downtown and in certain neighborhoods.

You can find the survey here (I just did it, and it took less than 10 minutes).

By the way, SDOT has a parking map that lists every paid, permit, carpool, time limited, no parking and unrestricted zone, as well as parking garages and lots. You can zoom in by address, intersection, major landmark, or neighborhood.

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Staircase at 20th Ave. and 98th St. repaired for now

April 8th, 2011 by master

It may not be as pretty as in its heyday last summer, but the multicolored wood now making up the staircase at 20th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 98th Street is better than the gaping hole that was in its place a week ago.

And there there will be more to come. Marybeth Turner with the Seattle Department of Transportation tells us repairs are done for now, but that this is just a temporary fix until crews can make a permanent repair when school is not in session. The staircase, which travels north over Thornton Creek from 98th Street to Northeast 100th Street, is near Sacajawea Elementary School and is used by many of its students.
Turner adds that the stairway was damaged by slope erosion two weeks ago.

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Mysterious street work revealed!

November 15th, 2010 by Mike

Last week we wrote, with some frustration, about the profusion of street work in our neighborhood. Why, we wondered, are those crews cutting holes in the street and then paving them over?

Neither Seattle Public Utilities nor the city Department of Transportation seemed to have an answer. And the crews had disappeared.

Today they’re back, seen here outside St. Catherine’s at Eighth Avenue Northeast and Northeast 86th Street. So we stopped and asked.

A worker said they are doing the final patch on street cuts made years ago, usually to run or fix water pipes or mains. At the time, a temporary paved surface was provided. Now a more permanent one is being laid down.

This works dates back years, he said. The project above was originally done in 2007. The crew is employed by the Seattle Department of Transportation but is working for Seattle Public Utilities, the worker said.

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Seattle releases snow priority route map

November 2nd, 2010 by master

Ever wonder why Seattle’s transportation department plows some streets during a snow storm and not others?

Each year, the city releases a map detailing which streets will get level one priority (achieve bare and wet pavement on all lanes), level two priority (achieve bare and wet pavement on one lane in each direction), and level three (curves, hills and stopping zones treated).

The goal is to keep major arterials and bus routes clear, but that means most residential streets won’t see a plow.

Seattle under a blanket of snow in December 2008

Around Maple Leaf, Lake City Way is a level one street.  15th Avenue Northeast, Roosevelt Way Northeast, Fifth Avenue Northeast, 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast Northgate Way are all level two streets.

You can check out the citywide map or take a look at the map for Maple Leaf.

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Changes coming to Ravenna Ave between NE 85th and Lake City Way

September 23rd, 2010 by master

A big announcement last night is setting up about $1 million worth of changes on Ravenna Ave between NE 85th and Lake City Way. That area is one of the projects selected to be paid for with the Large Neighborhood Street Fund. Many neighbors have complained about the lack of a sidewalk. This project will widen the roadway on the west side of the street to allow for a bike lane as well as a curb, planting strip and sidewalk. You can read more here.

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New sidewalk and curb ramps on Lake City Way/NE 92nd

July 26th, 2010 by master

New sidewalk and curb ramps are about to go in on the east side of Lake City Way and NE 92nd Street.  Work starts tomorrow (7/27) and will take two or three weeks.  Crews will work from 8:30am to 3pm on weekdays.  During work hours, southbound traffic on Lake City Way will not be allowed to turn left onto NE 92nd except for Metro buses. The sidewalk will be closed until the project is finished.

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