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Belay there! Seafair pirates stop Northgate road rage attack

March 7th, 2013 by Mike

It happened last summer, but criminal charges have just now been filed.

According to court documents, a road rage incident on North Northgate Way was defused when Seafair Pirates jumped out of a bus to confront a 27-year-old man with a knife who had already slashed the tire of a vehicle he believed had cut him off.

The incident occurred the afternoon of July 26, the court documents state, and the police crime map indicates the location was Northgate and Corliss Avenue North, just the other side of Interstate 5.

The victim had pulled in front of an Acura driven by 27-year-old Carlos Patrick Alvine, according to the charging papers. At the traffic light, Alvine approached the victim’s open driver-side window and brandished a knife, yelling “you cut people off you’re gonna get killed,” the court documents state.

Alvine stabbed the victim’s left rear tire twice, and the victim “felt trapped with nowhere to escape for safety,” according to the documents. But two Seafair Pirates riding in a bus stopped in front of the victim’s car came to his aid.

“(The victim” ) believed Alvin would have hurt him if he hadn’t noticed the rear bus doors opening and seeing the Seafair Pirates come out to help,” the documents state.

The attacker drove off, according to the documents, and later told police he did stab the tire but denied threatening the victim. He is charged with second-degree assault.

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Suspect in drive-by shooting arrested

September 21st, 2012 by Mike

Update Sept. 22: Our news partners The Seattle Times has updated its story.

Seattle police have arrested a 30 29-year-old man living less than a mile from where Yancy Noll was killed in an apparent
road-rage shooting.
Thanks, Thor and Mike, for the tips.

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Open letter – and an apology – to a Maple Leaf bicyclist

June 11th, 2012 by Mike

We hear a lot about the “war” between cars and cycles. It even crops up, benignly, in the comments on our Northgate Station post earlier this month.

On Friday we got a different kind of story from Sarah, who wanted to reach out to a cyclist she and her husband almost hit in one of our roundabouts.

The incident apparently ended with the cyclist screaming at the car, and Sarah and her husband – cyclists themselves – distressed.

“I didn’t like how things were left; of course there was no opportunity for communication,” she writes. “But we are neighbors up here and I feel like it’s important that we all be on the same team, especially with rising crime in our city, etc. I’d like to think he was just having a bad day and is not naturally this violent a person, but I was totally shaken by this.

“Is there any chance you could post the following open apology to this fellow, just in case he might happen to see it? The thing I love about Maple Leaf is how tightly knit the community is; this morning was a sad thing, and I want to feel like maybe we can make amends.”

Her open letter is below: [

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