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Speeders outside Olympic View Elementary bring radar cameras to Fifth Ave. N.E.

August 16th, 2012 by Mike

Saying that speeding drivers during school zone hours outside Olympic View Elementary School are among the fifth worst in the city, theĀ  Maple Leaf Community Council emails that the city intends to install a radar-operated camera to catch speeders along Fifth Avenue Northeast.

These units are like the automatic red light cameras, but focused on speeders. Those caught speeding will receive citations in the mail.

The radar cameras will be placed between the flashing “School Zone” lights. They should be installed, barring construction problems, in August or early September to be operational when the school year begins.

Olympic View is at 504 N.E. 95 St, between Fifth and Eighth avenues northeast. The statistics on speeding in a school zone came from the Seattle Department of Transportation, the community council says.

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