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North Seattle Veterinary Clinic plans open house April 7 at new location

March 13th, 2013 by master

After more than 70 years in a converted residential home on Lake City Way, North Seattle Veterinary Clinic has changed locations to 11032 Eighth Ave. N.E. and plans an open house from 1-4 p.m. April 7.

Located in the former 24 Hour Fitness, the new vet clinic is on the upper level of the Northgate Village shopping center between the U.S. Postal Service and Hot Yoga Inc.

At 4,100 square feet, the clinic is nearly twice the size and a more convenient space than their previous location, which “became a bit of a maze”  after years of additions, said Practice Manager Natalie Ervin.

“We designed the new space for ourselves to give us the best use of space,” she said. “In a converted house, you’re limited by what you can do.”

Although it’s located right across the street from Maple Leaf in Pinehurst, Ervin said the clinic already has a number of clients from Maple Leaf, and hopes to grow even more into its new space. [Read more →]

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Twist on area crime spree: Theft of $55 wine

February 24th, 2013 by master

Despite the spate of more violent crimes in our area, one recent report shows that we still get our fair share of (kind of) high-brow crime.

According to the Seattle Police Department Blotter, a man accused of stealing a $55 bottle of wine from the Pinehurst Safeway on Saturday night attacked staffers who tried to intervene.

Police showed up shortly afterward and arrested the suspect, who was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of robbery.

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Nearby news from overnight – shots and bunnies

August 19th, 2012 by Mike

Two items from our overnight email:

  • Calvin reports numerous gunshots heard around 11 p.m. in Pinehurst, just northeast of Maple Leaf. “When I called in to the police they stated they’d heard several reports about it. I heard twenty to thirty shots in all.”

Anybody have more news on this?

  • On a brighter note, Elise has a question about “random bunnies in Maple Leaf.”

Recently I’ve noticed a couple cute and friendly rabbits foraging on the corner of 17th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 91st Street. I saw them a few days ago in the late afternoon and tonight at around 1:30 a.m. One is large and brown and the other is black and a bit smaller.

They don’t seem to have any fear of people, so I worry they are escaped pets which may not know how to live safely out in the neighborhood. However, they are not amenable to being approached closer than about three feet, so maybe they’re wild and just hanging out. Neither have any indicators of being owned by anyone except for not acting feral. Keep your ears open for families missing their pets but please don’t call to get them rounded up by animal control. Thanks!

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Visit our neighbor to the north for Pinehurstfest

August 2nd, 2012 by master

If you enjoyed last week’s Maple Leaf Summer Ice Cream Social, you might want to consider visiting the summer social of our neighbors to the north for the annual Pinehurstfest from 2-5 p.m. Saturday at Pinehurst Playfield, 12029 14th Ave. N.E.

The free family festival features refreshments, kids activities including a bouncy house and gymnastics, local community organizations and the following live music:

  • 2 p.m. – Blue Madness
  • 3 p.m. – Sidewinder
  • 4 p.m. – Flight 420

The Pinehurst Community Council organizes the event in partnership with the Meadowbrook Community Center. The event is sponsored in part by Seattle Parks and Recreation. For more information, go to to the Pinehurst Community Council blog.

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The Green Skunk opens just north of Maple Leaf

March 13th, 2012 by master

So far, all of the area medical marijuana dispensaries cropping up are either just on or barely outside of Maple Leaf’s borders, and the newest addition is no exception.

In the last month or so, The Green Skunk opened just north of Maple Leaf in the Northgate/Pinehurst neighbohoorhood at 11231 Roosevelt Way N.E.

They’ve already gotten a writeup in the Seattle Weekly’s Toke Signals blog — not even the new Patty’s Eggnest has received that kind of publicity yet!

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Northgate Middle College H.S., Pinehurst K-8 win state achievement awards

February 13th, 2012 by master

Beth Brunton, the Simon Youth Foundation’s 2011 National Teacher of the Year, has another award to share that honors the students, faculty and staff at  Northgate Middle College High School:

Last week, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education announced that the alternative school located inside Northgate Mall was among 186 schools across the state and 21 in Seattle honored with 2011 Washington Achievement Awards.

Northgate Middle College won in the category Special Recognition – Improvement, along with nearby Pinehurst K-8 School and six others.

The full list can be viewed online. The award-winning schools will be honored during a ceremony on April 25 at Mariner High School in Everett.

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More apartments planned for Northgate – can the streets handle the traffic?

December 28th, 2011 by Mike

Above, possible development just northwest of Northgate Mall – City of Seattle.

Below, the existing Northgate Apartments.

As Northgate continues to evolve into a regional transit and shopping hub, two collections of high-rise apartments are being planned just north and east of Northgate Mall.

To the east, Bellevue’s Wallace Properties has proposed building a new seven-story apartment building with 238 units above retail space on Northeast Northgate Way between Fifth and Eighth avenues northeast .

It would be just east of 507 Northgate, a 163-unit apartment complex Wallace opened in 2009 which is now 96 percent leased, emails Sue Geving, president of the Northgate Community Center advisory council.

To the north, an 8.4 acre site – marked “B” in light blue on this map – is now occupied by the Northgate Apartments, 207 low-rise apartments that currently rent for between $700 and $1,000 a month, according to the city, plus two single-family homes.

There, height restrictions would increase from 60 feet to 85 feet, allowing for redevelopment of higher-rise buildings  for mixed or commercial use.

The proposed street scape along Northgate Way would be similar to the drawing at the top of this post.

The Northgate area is lagging behind the city’s proposals for residential density. But some are concerned the growth will stop traffic, specifically along Northgate at First, Third and Eighth avenues. There’s a discussion of the issue here at the Pinehurst blog.

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Shots fired overnight just north of Maple Leaf

November 26th, 2011 by Mike

Seattle Police report repeated gunshots were heard early this morning in just off 15th Avenue Northeast in Pinehurst.

At approximately 1:36 a.m., 911 callers reported hearing multiple gunshots and seeing people running. According to witnesses, the suspect(s) fired from a Volkswagen Passat or similar type vehicle in the 12000 block of Pinehurst Way Northeast.

North Precinct officers responded and located two of the people seen running. They were interviewed by officers, but it was undetermined if they were the intended targets of the shots fired. Officers searched for the suspect vehicle, but it was not located. It does not appear that any victims were struck, nor was there any property damage located. Officers did recover a shell casing in the 11700 block of Pinehurst.

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Two exposing incidents just to the north at Pinehurst playgrounds

October 4th, 2011 by Mike

Seattle Police are reporting that on Sunday and Monday a man exposed himself to children just to the north of Maple Leaf.

Sunday afternoon about 5 p.m. at the Pinehurst playground, in the 1200 block of 14th Avenue Northeast, two 13-year-old girls were playing on the swings when the man walked up to the them and made a comment, police say.

“When the victims turned to look at the suspect he had his genitals exposed and was masturbating. The suspect then ran away southbound on 14 Avenue,” according to Detective Renee Witt.

On Monday afternoon girls starting soccer practice about 3:30 p.m. reported that  a similar man exposed himself at a soccer field in the 14000 block of 1st Avenue Northeast, police said. The suspect ran off when some of the girls screamed, and was seen getting into a vehicle parked on 1st Avenue just south of Northeast 145th Street.

The suspect is described by police as a white male, 22-39 years old, with a fair complexion, slim build and a goatee. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with a white design on the back, and black pants. There were slight differences in his description between the two instances.

The suspect was seen driving away in an older, light-colored, small four-door sedan. The first letter of the license plate may be “A”.

Anyone with information about the suspect or vehicle is asked to call 911.

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Reminder to not leave anything in your car

March 4th, 2011 by master

A reader in neighboring Pinehurst wrote to ask us to remind all of our readers to never leave anything in your car, even if just for a few minutes. Elizabeth shares her account from Thursday night when she was parked at Bark! Espresso, which is north of Maple Leaf at 11335 Roosevelt Way N.E.:

I wanted to let you know about a car prowl last night and to WARN other people.  Last night at 5:45 pm (it was still very light out at that time) I left my work bag (containing my wallet, cell phone, purse, ipod, library books etc) on the front seat while I ran into Great Dog for literally 5 minutes.  I parked in the small “lot” next to Bark Espresso.  By the time I got back out to my car someone had smashed the passenger side window and stolen my bag and contents which total over $1K to replace.  I scanned the area and saw NOTHING and NOBODY.  I am simply amazed that in the short amount of time I was gone someone was able to silently break my car window, grab my things and disappear.   Apparently, someone in Bark was sitting right by the window nearest my car and they saw and heard nothing.  I have always believed MapleLeaf/Pinehurst are relatively safe and so have often left a bag in my locked car while I ran a very quick errand.  NEVER Again!  Please remind people that leaving items in your car for even a very short period is not a good idea.

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