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“No.” Feds on $15 million for Northgate pedestrian bridge

October 27th, 2015 by Mike

Bad news for the pedestrian/bike bridge between North Seattle College and the Northgate light rail station.

The Seattle Times posted a story tonight beginning:

The federal government has decided not to contribute $15 million toward a Northgate Station pedestrian-and-bicycle bridge over Interstate 5. Local taxpayers would need to fund the entire $26 million project themselves.

Nor will Uncle Sam donate $10 million to help Seattle expand the Pronto bicycle network, which currently serves the University District, downtown and places nearby.

The Times story is here.

Earlier posts of ours are here and here.

The Times adds:

Bridge funding still remains within reach.

Sound Transit already approved $5 million, and the Legislature $10 million, along with $5 million already pledged by Seattle. That leaves a gap of $6 million.

If voters pass this fall’s $930 million Move Seattle property-tax levy, the city’s plan would allocate $15 million to Northgate, pushing it past the goal line.

As others have noted, however, that is not a firm commitment from the city.

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Maple Leaf, Metro buses and Pronto rental bikes

October 5th, 2015 by Mike

Two things about transportation:

1) Metro is considering a plan that could dramatically increase mid-day bus service in northeast Seattle. Specifically, from about 8,700  to 28,000 households served by a bus every 15 minutes.

There’s a meeting Tuesday night, 6 p.m., at The Mountaineers Club at Magnuson Park, hosted by Rod Dembowski of the King County Council, which oversees Metro.

The address is 7700 Sand Point Way N.E. More details are here.

2) Meanwhile, the city of Seattle,in a bid to rescue the apparently faltering Pronto bike ride-share program, is proposing spending millions of dollars to, among other things, put a Pronto bicycle-renting station at North Seattle College.

From our news partners The Seattle Times:

The proposal to boost the bicycle network is laid out in Mayor Ed Murray’s budget proposal, announced this week. Murray called fora $5 million city contribution to purchase 2,000 new bicycles, to go with a potential $10 million in matching federal grants for stations and other needs….

The idea surfaced earlier this year, as a section of a $25 million federal grant request, primarily to seek $15 million toward the Northgate Station walk-bike bridge over Interstate 5, plus $10 million for the citywide bicycle network.

The grant request touts bike stations around North Seattle College and South Seattle College, which serve higher proportions of low-income and minority students than the city population in general.

The full Times story, and several hundred mostly not-supportive comments, is here.

For more supportive comments, try the Seattle Bike Blog, here.

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Vigil tonight at N. Seattle College for bus victims

September 30th, 2015 by Mike

A vigil to honor the five international students who died in last week’s bus accident on the Aurora bridge will be held at 6 p.m. at North Seattle College.

In a post to the community, college president Warren Brown wrote:

To honor the five students we lost and to support the students and staff still recovering from their injuries following the Aurora Bridge accident, North Seattle College and Student Leadership invite you to a vigil at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 30. The vigil will be held in the North Seattle College courtyard and is open to the community.

The five students were the only deaths from the crash, with a Ride the Ducks vehicle. “Nine patients remained hospitalized Tuesday at Harborview Medical Center, with eight listed in satisfactory, and one in serious condition and in intensive care, a hospital spokeswoman said. Two other patients were in satisfactory condition at UW Medical Center,” according to The Seattle Times.

For more information on what the college is doing to help students and staff this week, and for a fundraiser, go to the president’s message.

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Traffic alert: Aurora bridge closed all day by fatal crash with N. Seattle College students – call for emergency blood donations

September 24th, 2015 by Mike

Update 2:45 p.m. Seattle Times reports “All four people killed in Thursday’s crash were students at North Seattle College.”

Tweet from KIRO:

SB I-5 a parking lot from Northgate to SR 520. Again horrible, deadly crash on Aurora Br. Prepare for delays.


Update 1:58 p.m.:

Tragic bus crash triggers emergency call for blood donors

Multiple hospitals requesting additional blood components.

The tragic motor vehicle accident on the Aurora Bridge this morning is making major demands on the local blood supply. Bloodworks Northwest has issued an urgent appeal to blood donors to help meet those critical needs.

“With up to 40 people with injuries, we are responding quickly to additional orders for blood components from multiple hospitals receiving people injured in the crash,” said James P. AuBuchon, MD, president and chief executive officer. “We need to meet this emergency demand and also to replenish supplies so that we can continue to meet normal patient needs.


The Seattle Times is covering the fatal crash on the Aurora bridge here.
The bridge will apparently remain closed all day.

Kelley emails that there is a North Seattle College link: “This should get posted to the blog, as it will affect a lot of people (commute, community/students and staff). I saw students loading into the bus around 10 a.m. on my way to an appointment on Meridian. The crash happened just after 11 a.m.”

From the Times: ”

Update at 1:04 p.m.:

Forty-five students and employees from North Seattle College’s international program were traveling on the charter bus involved in the accident, said Melissa Mixon, spokeswoman for the college. Their conditions are not known at this time, she said.

Uninjured students are being brought back to campus, where the college has food and crisis counselors on hand, Mixon said.

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P-Patch Summer Social on Sunday

July 18th, 2015 by Mike

Bees at the Summer Smash.

The Lictons Spring P-Patch is holding its second annual Summer Smash from 1-3 pm. Sunday. Everyone’s invited!

The P-Patch is on Northeast 92nd Street just across Interstate 5 from Maple Leaf, on the grounds of North Seattle College.

It’s a potluck so bring something to share.

There will be art activities for the kids, a Master Gardener to answer questions (Laura Matter from Seattle Tilth’s Garden Hotline and also at Picardo P-Patch will attend).

Sam the Bee Man will talk about bee keeping, and our resident historian & geologist will have information on the site.

There is another, smaller P-Patch in Maple Leaf proper at the Maple Leaf Community Garden. For more on the Licton Springs P-Patch go to its Facebook page or click here.

The Licton Springs P-Patch started as a student-driven initiative at North Seattle College. The approval process took several years and has largely been driven by the facilitation of the North Seattle College Sustainability Committee. The project has transitioned to its final community-based form although many North Seattle College students, teachers and employees participate in the garden.

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Dog lost near North Seattle College

July 8th, 2015 by Mike

Christy emails about Popsi, the lost dog:

Do you ever post about lost dogs? Our friend’s dog was last seen at Northeast 105th Street and Wallingford Avenue Northeast at 7:30 last night and we are all searching for her. Here is the description. Thanks for any help you can give.

**MISSING DOG IN NORTHGATE/NSCC** (North Seattle Community College)

A large (about 55 lbs), white with brown spots, female dog went missing near North Seattle College this evening (Tuesday, July 7th). She won’t approach people she doesn’t know but will approach any dog (she loves other dogs).

If you see her or any dog resembling her, please call the number below with the location. Please do not chase. She has tags and a microchip.

206-251-1265 or 253-732-0885

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Quick update on the Northgate pedestrian bridge

February 10th, 2015 by Mike

The story thus far:

* There WAS a plan to spend around $20 million to connect the neighborhoods across Interstate 5 to Maple Leaf and the Northgate transit center and light rail station via a pedestrian and bike bridge from North Seattle College to the station. Got that? (It entirely avoids the word “interagency.”)

* It ran out of money. Specifically, Sound Transit set a July 2015 full funding deadline, after which it would withdraw the $5 million it committed. Seattle failed to get a federal grant, leading to a cliffhanger going into the new year….

* Now the Seattle Bike Blog reports:

In a recent response, Sound Transit staff say they will recommend that their Board extend the deadline to February 2016. While not a huge amount of extra time, it will give leaders more opportunities to identify funding options.

That letter from Sound Transit is here.

As Charles B. commented late last month: “Stay tuned….”

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Endangered: The Northgate pedestrian bridge at I-5

January 25th, 2015 by Mike

Last week The Urbanist had this post: “Call To Action: Save the Northgate Pedestrian Bridge.”

It talks about the planned bridge over Interstate 5 to link North Seattle College and Licton Springs to the Northgate transit center and light rail hub.

When we last wrote about it, the projected cost was $20 million, paid by a variety of agencies, including Sound Transit.

Now The Urbanist reports:

The Northgate Pedestrian Bridge, a pedestrian and bicycle oriented crossing of I-5 for the Northgate Link Station, is at risk of losing its funding in the summer. The Sound Transit Board placed an artificial time limit for the City of Seattle and Sound Transit to come up with a funding solution.

And it notes some of the benefits:

In recent years, new growth has been occurring at a rapid pace and transforming this area. Licton Springs also hosts North Seattle Community College, a number of office buildings, a hotel and some small retail. On the east side of this bridge lies the neighborhood of Maple Leaf, which also hosts mixed density, major retail outlets, library, and a community center. There is a significant draw between these two communities, and there ought to be a strong natural path for pedestrians and bicyclists to travel between them.

For more details, and to take action, follow the link.

The Urbanist also has a post on pedestrian improvements along Lake City Way Northeast, noting: “Lake City Way is an arterial street in northeast Seattle that has been chronically unsafe for all users. It’s also a State highway, so features beyond sidewalks and beg buttons for people walking are mostly an afterthought.”

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Fire near North Seattle College leaves two families homeless

January 13th, 2015 by Mike

Fire in a condominium complex this afternoon damaged two units so  severely that the occupants won’t be allowed to reoccupy their homes, Seattle firefighters said.

Emergency crews blocked Meridian Avenue southbound from Northeast 100th Street to Northeast Northgate Way, forcing students at North Seattle College to leave campus on Northeast 92 Street.

At 1:19 p.m. multiple 911 calls came into firefighter/dispatchers at the Fire Alarm Center reporting flames coming from the four-story building, which is located in the 10300 block of Meridian Avenue North.

Engine Company 31 arrived to find flames and smoke coming from a third floor balcony and a fourth floor unit. The first arriving company attacked the fire from the outside while hose lines were brought inside to fight the fire from the interior.

When crews arrived, the building’s fire alarms system was sounding and the sprinkler system was activated. Residents inside self-evacuated from the residential complex. No one was injured.

Both the 3rd floor and 4th floor fire units were searched and no occupants were found in either unit. Firefighters did find a deceased cat in one unit. It took 12 minutes to knock down the flames and nearly an hour to completely extinguish the charred combustibles inside the units.

Firefighters contained the fire to just two condos. Both units suffered extensive fire and smoke damage and residents will not be allowed to reoccupy these units. A third unit, on the second floor, suffered water damage.

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Huge plant sale today and Saturday at N. Seattle College

September 12th, 2014 by Mike

The Northwest Horticultural Society’s fall plant sale is today and Saturday at North Seattle College.

Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. The college is just over Northeast 92nd Street, at 9600 College Way N.

The sale is huge!

Here’s a list of participating growers.

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