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The Green Skunk moves to Maple Leaf

October 10th, 2013 by master

The Green Skunk, a marijuana dispensary formerly located in Pinehurst at 11231 Roosevelt Way N.E., has moved south into the space vacated by Maple Leaf Massage (now joined by Thrive Physical Therapy) at 9414 Roosevelt Way N.E.

We’ve received a few emails from neighbors wondering if its location just blocks from Olympic View Elementary and The Perkins School violates any laws. Indeed, according to the pot shops map we linked to last month, the Maple Leaf stretch of Roosevelt is not included in the proposed areas where dispensaries will be allowed.

However, under the new proposal to judge distance by “common path” rather than as the crow flies, which is how the rule is enforced federally, The Green Skunk appears to be legit. They might get hassled by the federal government because they’re a few feet shy of 1,000 feet from Olympic View as the crow flies, but perhaps that’s a risk they’re willing to take. (Or maybe they have a more accurate way of calculating distance than Google Maps!)

While we’re on the subject of marijuana dispensaries, we should point out that Delta 9 and MMJ Coop on Lake City Way both have relocated. According to its website, Delta 9 now is located in Sodo at 1950 First Ave. S., while a sign on MMJ says the co-op has moved a half-mile north to 10728 Lake City Way N.E.

Meanwhile, Lake City Conscious Care Cooperative has moved in across the street from MMJ at 8288 Lake City Way N.E.

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Break-in reported early today at MMJ Co-op

September 15th, 2012 by master

Scott tells us that a string of dispensary break-ins from Ballard to Green Lake ended at 6 this morning at MMJ Co-op, 8251 Lake City Way. He tells us:

Evidently, the burglars didn’t get away with much, but did manage to do a lot of property damage and create enough noise to warrant a call and get units to the scene. It didn’t help when the perps were pulled over at Lake City Way and 15th Ave NE with evidence in the car.

It was the end of a long string of early-morning break-ins of other dispensaries that started in Ballard and Green Lake. Chalk it up to greed or exhaustion, but Maple Leaf was the end of line to a posse of petty thieves. As it was said at the scene a few times “It’s not the smart ones that get caught”.

The owners of MMJ Co-op are cleaning up, and it will be open and business as usual.

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Lake City Way dispensary robbed at gunpoint

July 29th, 2012 by master

Early Saturday morning a Lake City Way marijuana dispensary was robbed at gunpoint and 40 plants were taken, according to various news sources included our news partner The Seattle Times. According to the article:

Police say three men forced their way inside the dispensary about 4:30 a.m. and two were armed with handguns. They held the 70-year-old night watchman at gunpoint.
The robbers also took a laptop computer and fled in the watchman’s car. He was not injured. 

According to a article, the dispensary is located on the 8800 block of Lake City Way, where we’re not aware of a dispensary. The article notes:

Narcotics detectives are determining whether the dispensary is legally permitted.

We’ll try to get more details about the crime and the dispensary.

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The Green Skunk opens just north of Maple Leaf

March 13th, 2012 by master

So far, all of the area medical marijuana dispensaries cropping up are either just on or barely outside of Maple Leaf’s borders, and the newest addition is no exception.

In the last month or so, The Green Skunk opened just north of Maple Leaf in the Northgate/Pinehurst neighbohoorhood at 11231 Roosevelt Way N.E.

They’ve already gotten a writeup in the Seattle Weekly’s Toke Signals blog — not even the new Patty’s Eggnest has received that kind of publicity yet!

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Another marijuana dispensary on Lake City

December 6th, 2011 by master

Since we last reported on the marijuana dispensaries popping up on Lake City Way, including Greenside Medical at 9804 Lake City Way N.E., and Delta 9 at 8007 Lake City Way N.E., at least two more are open or coming soon.

Although currently Delta 9 is the only one actually within the Maple Leaf neighborhood, it appears there soon will be two when MMJ Co-op opens at 8251 Lake City Way, the former location of Willie’s BBQ.

The sign posted on the window states:

We are open – under construction. Bakery coming soon!

And let’s not forget Greenworks Cooperative at 11064 Lake City Way N.E., which despite not being in Maple Leaf is still nearby and worth a mention.

So far, we haven’t noted any disturbances at the dispensaries that are currently operating, but one neighbor wrote us and called the recent influx “alarming,” and is wondering what other neighbors think.

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Medical marijuana dispensary opens nearby

June 7th, 2011 by Mike

By Katie Melton

Update June 8: Our news partner The Seattle Times has a story about Kent ordering the closure of any medical marijuana dispensaries in that city.

While the fight over medical marijuana raged nationally and in Olympia, a non-profit marijuana dispensary quietly opened at the corner of Lake City Way Northeast and Northeast 98th Street.

The dispensary is Greenside Medical, 9804 Lake City Way N.E., and is a non-profit organization, run by its two founders and a staff ranging from between two to five employees.

According to its website, Greenside Medical:

Is dedicated to being the premier medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle, WA. Here at Greenside Medical, we are committed to providing our patients with a safe and secure environment with the highest quality locally made, natural medicines.

And it has specific requirements for patients: “In order to apply to be a patient of Greenside Medical you must already have a valid Washington State Medical Marijuana Authorization as defined by Chap 69.1a RCW.”

That means a “green card,” obtained from a physician who prescribes medical marijuana as a legal natural medicine.

Because by law it is illegal to sell marijuana, Greenside stays in business by receiving donations.

“You cannot purchase anything here. It’s all donated,” Seth Simpson, one of the founders and managers, said. “Patients get it for a suggested donation, and we get donations (of marijuana) from patients.”

Opened a month and a half ago, Greenwood is certainly not the first medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle. Our partner blogs My Ballard and Phinneywood recently posted on new dispensaries. From Phinneywood:

In 1998, Washington state passed a law that allows patients suffering from terminal or debilitating physical conditions to use medical marijuana. However, marijuana use remains illegal under federal law. The state law is actually vague on who exactly can grow medical marijuana and how much.

That situation didn’t get any better when the state Legislature last month abandoned attempts to clarify the situation. “Cities around the state will have to choose between tolerating dispensaries or cracking down,” The Seattle Times reported. It also quoted King County Prosecutor Dan Satterburg:

The new law “puts cops and prosecutors back in the business of making the medical-marijuana law work. I don’t think that’s fundamentally the law that cops and prosecutors should be in. It should be a medical issue, not a law-enforcement issue.

“Dan Satterberg knows there’s 30,000 patients in the Seattle area that rely on medical marijuana,” Simpson said. “If they shut us down, those patients will go back to purchasing off the streets. I’m not sure what’s going to happen.”

Here’s how Greenwood Medical hopes to work: “Each patient (with a legally obtained green card) is allowed to grow up to 15 plants,” Simpson said. “Usually what happens is that there’s overage because they can’t go through that much in 60 days. They donate what’s left to us, we look at it to make sure it doesn’t contain any bugs or mold or anything that would negatively affect the patient, then package it here.”

Simpson asked us not to publish his photograph, and – since Maple Leaf Life doesn’t have a green card – we couldn’t inspect the merchandise. There are photos here, though.  [Read more →]

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