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Summer Social this Wednesday, plus a new BBQ restaurant

July 22nd, 2017 by Mike


The revived Maple Leaf Community Council emails:

The 22nd annual Maple Leaf Summer Social is scheduled for Wednesday, July 26th, at Maple Leaf Reservoir Park Family Terrace (Playground) from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. There will be live music, fun activities for kids, information booths for the neighborhood, and free ice cream bars sponsored by Maple Leaf Ace Hardware.

Please feel free to stop by the tables hosted by members of the Maple Leaf Community Council (MLCC) to say hello! The MLCC will have informational posters and would appreciate feedback from our neighbors on issues that people would like to engage in and learn more about.

Come meet your neighbors, enjoy some free ice cream and activities for your community!

Maple Leaf Community Council Board Members
Jason, Kile, Eric, Sarah, Evan, and Bryan

Also, news about the former Coa Mexican Eatery & Tequileria at Roosevelt Way Northeast and Northeast 80th Street.

Crews are hard at work on it now, siting an outside place to put the barbecue smoker – 20-feet of it, we’re told.

Also that it will be Texas-style BBQ. (We’re from Texas….)

Opening date set for late August.



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Return of the Maple Leaf Community Council/summer social?

May 20th, 2017 by Mike

The return of Maple Leaf’s community council and Summer Social?

That’s what a sign posted at the Maple Leaf Reservoir Park indicates.

The Maple Leaf Community Council, once very active in the neighborhood, largely disappeared last summer, if not before.

But Friday it posted the same sign to its Facebook page.

It calls for a general community meeting on Wednesday, June 14th, at Olympic View Elementary. And a revival of the Summer Social on July 26th.

We’ve asked for more information, although the council’s website appears to remain down.

Our past post on this, from late March, is here: What HAS happened to the Maple Leaf Community Council?

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What HAS happened to the Maple Leaf Community Council?

March 24th, 2017 by Mike

We’ve had several neighbors wonder what has happened to the Maple Leaf Community Council.

So far, we’ve responded that we don’t think it made it through last summer.

We last devoted a full post to this in April 2016:

On the Maple Leaf Community Council – the elected body that represents our neighborhood – five of the c0uncil’s nine positions will soon be vacant.

That news came in the newsletter distributed this weekend – yet it’s scarcely news.

We wrote about it here, in January, and here, a year ago.

Today, Donna Hartman-Miller, who we once labeled ubiquitous, has posted to the community council’s Facebook page.

She says, in part:

Currently there are four members on the MLCC Executive Board; one of the board members will not be standing for election this next cycle, so, unless some other people step forward, that will leave three members….

This last year or so has been an unexpectedly busy time for the current members of the board and so the attention the Maple Leaf neighborhood has normally received is not at the level it has been in the past….

We want to be very clear, we need more people to step up and join the board. You don’t have to have experience, you just need to have an interest in making Maple Leaf a good neighborhood and a willingness to participate. It is a learning experience for every single person who joins.

The full post is here.

She also notes the council’s website is down, and the quarterly newsletter MIA, but that an attempt is being made to revive the group.

Currently we are looking at meeting sometime in the middle to end of April. If you are considering joining the MLCC Executive Board (and attending this meeting), please email




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What happened to COA – and other Maple Leaf news

March 14th, 2017 by Mike

Jessica writes on Nextdoor Northgate/Maple Leaf:

“Does anyone know what’s going on with COA on Roosevelt? They’ve been closed for more than a week. There’s no sign or any other notice.”
Not only that, but the phone number for Coa Mexican Eatery & Tequileria at Roosevelt Way Northeast and Northeast 80th Street comes back as “invalid number.”
Yelp reviewers say the restaurant is closed.

We’ve tried reaching out to them on Facebook.

If Coa is gone, it joins a number of other past Maple Leaf eateries, Notably:

Cafe Piccolo

The Maple Leaf Grill

LC’s Kitchen

The Hudson New American Public House

In other news, several neighbors have wondered what happened to the Maple Leaf Community Council. We’ll try and poke at that a bit more, but the news doesn’t seem good.

Also, Lilly writes:

 I just opened a small salon in maple leaf over on 82nd
and 15th. I worked at wild root salon for ten years and I'm super excited to be
back in the neighborhood!
I saw that you have posts about new business's in the area and would love to have
the opportunity to let the neighborhood know I'm back in a new salon.



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Maple Leaf Community Council REALLY needs members

April 21st, 2016 by Mike

On the Maple Leaf Community Council – the elected body that represents our neighborhood – five of the c0uncil’s nine positions will soon be vacant.

That news came in the newsletter distributed this weekend – yet it’s scarcely news.

We wrote about it here, in January, and here, a year ago.

The election is at the council’s general meeting, 7-9 p.m. April 27th at Olympic View Elementary School, 504 N.E. 95th St.

From our earlier post:

The community council has a long and honored history representing our neighborhood. We’ve written about it before:

“The Maple Leaf of today did not just happen but instead reflects hundreds of volunteer hours dedicated on behalf of the Maple Leaf neighborhood.”

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Mail theft – and an important Community Council meeting

January 21st, 2016 by Mike

Update Jan. 23: Jim has emailed directions for group mailboxes. We’ve posted them in comments.

A neighbor emails:

I’m writing to report that mail theft continues to happen in Maple Leaf. The latest was on Northeast 96th Street, between 15th Avenue Northeast and Roosevelt Way Northeast, and it happened between Tuesday 1/19 and Wednesday 1/20.

Aside from reminding readers to make reports to the police and to the USPS, I was wondering if you could also ask readers how they’ve gone about getting those giant, multi-residence locked mailbox units installed that are seen throughout the neighborhood.

Some of that information is available in comments on previous mail theft posts. The map shows mail theft reports here for all of 2015.

(Some good news: On Wednesday another neighbor posted on Nextdoor Northgate/Maple Leaf: “I got a call from SPD today. They called to tell me that they found some credit card convenience checks that were stolen out of our mail. They found them in a backpack belonging to a gentleman that they arrested.”

Another email, from the Maple Leaf Community Council, is important. The council is having a general meeting next Wednesday, Jan. 27th.

It’s largely concerned with land use, zoning and Metro routes.

But the council is also looking for additional members for its executive board – the folks who do most of the work on our behalf.

January represents our “Call to Election” for those willing to serve on the Maple Leaf Community Council Executive Board. Elections will occur in April and anyone interested in standing for election at that time will need to attend Executive Board meetings as an observer in February or March. With long-time volunteers Donna Hartmann-Miller stepping down from the Executive Board last year and David Miller retiring in April this year, we need volunteers more than ever.

The community council has a long and honored history representing our neighborhood. We’ve written about it before:

“The Maple Leaf of today did not just happen but instead reflects hundreds of volunteer hours dedicated on behalf of the Maple Leaf neighborhood.”

For more details read this post.

Next Wednesday’s meeting is from 6-9 p.m. at Olympic View Elementary, Northeast 95th Street and Fifth Avenue Northeast.

Here’s the council’s full email: [

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Questions and answers for City Council election

June 9th, 2015 by Mike

Update June 11: The Stranger has an update on the mayor’s $930 million proposed transportation levy.

In addition to the video of last week’s City Council forum, the Maple Leaf Community Council sent all local candidates a questionnaire, as it has done for every citywide election since 2011.

The questions, and the candidates’ answers, are now posted here.

We have delivered the questionnaire to all candidates for Seattle City Council in District 4, District 5, Position 8, and Position 9 who were registered by the city’s registration deadline…. The deadline for responses from the candidates was June 1, 2015.

The amount of work that went into this is considerable. Each of 18 candidate replies can be downloaded. (Five candidates did not respond.)

Reading the responses takes a fair amount of work, too. Some can be rough slogging.

Things to look for:

* Does the candidate rely on Mayor Ed Murray’s $930 million Move Seattle levy – the largest proposed levy in Seattle history – to fund improvements?

The city believes the levy – at about $300 a year for a half-million dollar home – will be strongly supported, but Crosscut talked to several experts who aren’t so sure. Seattle PI columnist Joel Connelly has a similar take.

* How does the candidate reconcile affordable housing with increasing density?

* Does the candidate believe it’s necessary for our neighborhoods to form additional taxing districts (LIDs) to pay for things like sidewalks?

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23 City Council candidates invited to Maple Leaf forum

May 26th, 2015 by Mike

Update May 26 with this link from coverage of the last District 5 candidate forum.

This email arrived this morning from the Maple Leaf Community Council:

We have invited candidates for District 4, District 5, Position 8, and Position 9 — some 23 candidates in all — to attend our June 3 Candidate Forum. This will be Maple Leafers’ best chance to hear directly from candidates before ballots arrive in July.

Because of the huge number of candidates, we are deviating from our normal routine of having community members ask questions of the candidates directly. Instead, we are asking you to send your questions to us in advance. Our moderator will then ask as many of them as time will allow..

As a reminder, Maple Leaf’s candidate forums not only help you be a better voter, they help Maple Leaf. When we have a great turnout, candidates remember this. It makes the job of your Executive Board much easier down the road.

So we hope to see a great turnout on June 3rd.

The forum is from 7-9 p.m. at Olympic View Elementary School.

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Today is GiveBIG day for your favorite charity

May 5th, 2015 by Mike

Poster at the park for the Maple Leaf Community Council on GiveBIG day.

Perhaps you’ve already received an email. Or 12. From charities you support.

It’s GiveBIG day.

All donations made through The Seattle Foundation’s website on GiveBIG day will receive a percentage of the matching funds (or “stretch”) pool. This percentage depends on the size of the stretch pool and how much is raised in total donations on GiveBIG day. In other words, it is a prorated match.

In 2014, the stretch pool was $1,000,000 and the total amount of stretch-eligible donations was $12,800,000. The stretch percentage worked out to 8.3% (or approximately 8 cents on the dollar).

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Maple Leaf council seeks four new members

March 4th, 2015 by Mike

Two of Maple Leaf’s most visible residents are stepping down after years on the Maple Leaf Community Council – an organization that played a major role in shaping our neighborhood.

The ubiquitous Donna Hartmann-Miller (seen rousing the 12th Man) is stepping down from her council position when her term expires next month. (She’s also ubiquitous here.)

Her husband, David Miller – who has served as council president for nearly six years – will step down from the president’s position in May, but remain on the council until his term expires in 2016.

With the additional departure of Lori Phipps, council secretary, Miller writes:

“With the two existing open seats (Positions 8 and 9) and the departure of Donna and Lori from the Board (Positions 1 and 3), our nine-person Board will be down to just five members. I have been writing with ever-greater urgency in our quarterly newsletters about the need for other Maple Leaf residents to come forward and join the Executive Board – and now that need is even larger.”

Miller’s remark came in an email to the neighborhood last week. In it he also says:

I feel I must make crystal clear these three changes all result from personal reasons. There is no issue dividing the Board, our Board members get along really well, and Maple Leaf is not facing any major crisis (knock wood).

New volunteers need not worry about stepping into a toxic or frantic situation. Furthermore, all three of us will remain involved to pass along knowledge, expertise, and our spirit of neighborhood service – we won’t leave Maple Leaf, new volunteers, or our existing Board members hanging.

The Maple Leaf Community Council was formed by active neighbors in 1983. “We need to remember that the community we live in did not just happen,” Jack Remick, a former council member, wrote in an obituary for one of the founders.

Barbara Maxwell, another former council member, wrote:

“I completely agree with Jack that the Maple Leaf of today did not just happen but instead reflects hundreds of volunteer hours dedicated on behalf of the Maple Leaf neighborhood.”

That 2011 obituary, for Puni Hokea, is here. It also quotes HistoryLink:

Maple Leaf did not become active until 1983 when, under the leadership of Puni Hokea and Peter Orser, they formed the Maple Leaf Community Council.

Quietly, persistently, the group worked to improve services, yet preserve their sense of community. Without confrontation and without blocking a single building permit, the group managed to scale back the zoning of Roosevelt Way NE so that businesses had to provide off-street parking. The group was “articulate and well organized” (The Weekly).

To serve on the council (technically its Executive Board) you must be a resident of Maple Leaf. Other formal requirements are in the council’s bylaws. If interested, send an email to

Miller adds:

The top informal requirement is you must love Maple Leaf. A close second is you have to be willing to represent the neighborhood, not just your personal views, during Executive Board discussions and votes. You need to be good at reading and responding to email, have interest in neighborhood issues, and be able to spend an average of a couple hours a week (sometimes more, sometimes less) to devote to serving Maple Leaf.

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