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Update, kind of, on CenturyLink and fiber Internet

May 4th, 2015 by Mike

Seeing this story in The Seattle Times today – “Seattle activists push for city-run, high-speed Internet service” – reminds us of the high level of interest in our last piece on CenturyLink and high-speed fiber-optic Internet here.

Lots of folks wondered WHEN it might arrive in Maple Leaf.

Joseph, for example, on April 17: “I’ve seen several trucks wiring up new cables on the poles. Neighbor said they were CenturyLink wiring up fiber. Any clue as to when they might start offering it to Maple Leaf?”

Answer: We still don’t know.

Last Thursday, CenturyLink picked up the thread again:

I wanted to share an update on CenturyLink’s expansion of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) broadband services across Seattle. Since announcing in August 2014, CenturyLink has made 1 Gbps service available to more than 60,000 households in the greater Seattle area and is on the way to meeting its goal of more than 100,000 residences by year’s end.

This weekend, CenturyLink – the largest provider of 1 Gbps service for consumers in Seattle and the leading provider of gig services to Seattle businesses – is celebrating West Seattle becoming a gigabit community by teaming up with Cupcake Royale to give away 1,000 free cupcakes.

That’s great, we replied. “What folks here want to know is WHEN they can connect in the Maple Leaf/Green Lake/Northgate areas.”

To which the reply was: “CenturyLink is currently installing 1 Gbps services in Green Lake – residents can register to receive updates on when the service is available at We will continue to keep you updated as CenturyLink expands into additional neighborhoods in your area.”

To follow those directions, you’ll need to create a sign-in with CenturyLink.

Or remember how to get into the one you’ve forgotten the password for.

Two days later, at Maple Leaf Life South, we got to “check availability,” and this.

We did fill out the form: “Be the first to know when speeds up to 1 Gig are in your area.”

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Yes, it appears CenturyLink is bringing fiber high-speed Internet here, hopefully successfully

April 2nd, 2015 by Mike

The lure of high-speed Internet connections (1 GB per second – read “really, really fast”) has been around for years in Maple Leaf.


Gigabit service through fiber-optic lines, perhaps 1,000 times faster than a “typical” Internet connection, has been tried twice thrice here (we forgot Google), by the city and by GigaBit Squared – that one died a little over a year ago.

But several readers, including Scott, noticed utility trucks last month were stringing fiber along our utility poles.

In my neighborhood around Northeast 75th Street and Roosevelt Way Northeast (south end of Maple Leaf), CenturyLink has been laying fiber on the utility poles today. When I saw lines being put on the poles, I asked one of the installers and he confirmed that it was fiber for CenturyLink.

When CenturyLink recently said they were adding Greenlake as a neighborhood for gigabit Internet, I guess they consider this area part of that. I have no idea how far the wiring is going, and where it ends.

Here at Maple Leaf Life South, we, too, have confirmed the installers say they are working for CenturyLink.

We have a query into the company now. GeekWire says of the service:

It costs $79.95 per month when bundled with other qualifying CenturyLink services like a home phone or TV subscription, usually for a minimum combined cost of $115 per month.

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