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Funny … we thought we were old Subaru

February 17th, 2016 by Mike

The ever-entertaining Gene Balk, in his ongoing effort to bring enlightenment to the masses, has more head-scratching news:

Much of Maple Leaf is No. 2! in owning politically correct Toyota Priuses. Or whatever the plural is of Prius. (Priusi?)
Balk, the Seattle Time’s FYI guy, has crunched numbers from the state’s Department of Licensing and the census bureau.

As the top-selling hybrid — Urban Dictionary defines it as “the most liberal car ever” — the Prius conforms nicely with Seattle’s environmentalist ethos. The distinctively styled sedan has become a kind of green status symbol, according to a recent study on Prius owners, an example of “conspicuous conservation.”


If the outdoorsy Subaru represents Seattle’s free-spirited inner child, then the Earth-friendly Prius plays the role of responsible parent.

That’s OK. Know who owns more?

Tukwila. (Why? Uber.)

Plus, hats off to Gene:

So is the Prius the quintessential Seattle car? Popular as they are here, they still don’t threaten Subaru.

DOL records show there are about 13,000 Priuses registered as passenger vehicles in King County. Subaru’s most popular model here, the Forester, numbers nearly twice that.

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