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We’re Number 4? Also, so long, Hudson House

May 14th, 2016 by Mike

Good news, neighbors!

Seattle Police say we’re No. 4 – in car prowls (Seattle’s most common crime).

This is GOOD news? Something north of 250 cars busted into?

Yes. Because in March, we were No. 1.

The graph above shows cars broken into between January and May 7.  Note, however, that Roosevelt/Ravenna is No. 5.

Thanks to Anthony and John for forwarding the information..

And to Lisa, for pointing out that the Hudson New American Public House, at 8014 15th Ave. N.E., is no more, as of Friday.

I noticed a handwritten sign in the window at Hudson Public House yesterday that indicated that a change in ownership/management was coming, and that today (the 13th) would be the last in the current hands.

The Collins Pub also tweeted the news: “Tonight it ends- @hudsonpub Hudson to close , transition to new owners.”

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We’re Number One (in car prowls)

March 15th, 2016 by Mike

Seattle Police, over at Nextdoor, today posted:

“To date there have been almost 3,000 car prowls in the city for 2016. This number is up more than 500 from last year.”

In an accompanying graphic, police have identified the top 12 sites to get your car prowled.

Northgate Mall led all the rest with 17 prowls; downtown came in second with 11.

As it happens, this is actual news. Northgate has long been a hot spot, but Capitol Hill was the leader two years ago.

Police have tips on not being a victim:

[

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Neighbor reports new car prowl on 12th N.E.

August 13th, 2015 by Mike

Art emails this morning:

Hi, I hate to write in with negative news to post, but I wanted to share that my car was prowled last night. I am on 12th Avenue Northeast and the prowling happened between 3 and 3:30 a.m. and it was a quick job. They just rifled through my car and took random stuff, but I don’t keep items of value in the car.

Car prowls are by far the most common crimes reported in Seattle.

(Danny Westneat’s second column last year on the subject is here.)

Interestingly, after times when a car-a-day was being prowled or stolen in Maple Leaf, the crime map for the month so far shows only four car prowls reported here. Not counting Art’s, which is too recent to show up on the map.

Art continues:

However, I saw a guy on a bike trying to get inside my car this morning around 6:30. He was yanking on all of my doors and looking through the windows. I immediately ran outside and asked what he was doing and the guy was startled and made up some story about looking for a friend’s house, getting lost, etc…he was not especially coherent.

I was able to get a few photos of him, which I forwarded to the police officer who arrived to take a statement from me. Officer George said he would forward the pictures to the precinct detectives for their records. I don’t think this is the same prowler who came by at 3 last night, since that person already went through my car.

I’m not sure if it’s legal/ethical/problematic for me to send you pics that i took for posting online, since the police already have those. I will describe the guy as Caucasian, in his 20s, fit/slim build and looks totally like a university student with trendy clothing/shoes/hairstyle. He wears glasses and was riding a nice-looking road bike.

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Home burglaries and car crimes here

May 23rd, 2015 by Mike

Christina emails:

On Tuesday, May 19th, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. thieves broke into a house on Eighth Avenue Northeast between Northeast 85th and 86th streets.

They smashed a door window in the back to let themselves in and ransacked several rooms stealing cameras, tablets, cash, and jewelry. This was particularly brazen as it occurred in the middle of the day across the street from a church and school (St. Catherine).

No one claims to have seen anything or anyone suspicious on that block, but one neighbor said a man was seen that day on Northeast 88th Street falsely claiming to be a meter reader.

The Seattle Police crime map above shows six home burglaries so far this month in Maple Leaf. Most of them follow the pattern Christina described. (The gray circles are business burglaries, not homes.)

Another burglary report was emailed on May 12th: “Just emailing you to let you know of a break-in on the 2000 block of Northeast 97th Street on Monday 5/11 around 4:30 p.m.

“Back door kicked in, house ransacked, TV, empty purse and some family heirloom jewelry stolen. A neighbor identified the car as an older model large white sedan, possibly a town car or similar, with dark tinted windows”

Car Crimes

On Twitter, Gabi asks of both us and police: “I heard from a neighbor there have been car break-ins, but have not heard anything from @SPD. Can anyone confirm this?”

She mentions Northeast 80th and 85th streets and around the Maple Leaf Reservoir Park.

A different neighbor emailed this story of a car prowl May 14th on Northeast 97th Street.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and thought perhaps I’d forgotten to lock the door to my new car (now that I have to press a fancy button instead of just hand-locking the door!!!).

Sure enough, when I woke up my car had been ransacked. Lucky for me, it’s new so I have nothing in it.

I saw my neighbor and told her what happened, she laughed that she never locks her doors, and lo and behold, her car also had been ransacked.

They stole some of her change and a nice pair of sunglasses, and my old-ass iPod. Hardly worth the work. So annoying. We both filed reports 🙂

The map at right shows car prowls and stolen cars in Maple Leaf so far this month.

In response to Gabi, Seattle Police tweeted: “Appears #SeaStat data for Maple Leaf/Roosevelt/Ravenna area shows 19% drop in prowls for 1st 5.5 mos of the year.”

However, that number would not include the Northgate Transit Center and mall, as SPD says they are in the Northgate section of SeaStat.

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Best place to get your car prowled? NOT Northgate

December 18th, 2014 by Mike

It’s true that roughly a car per day is prowled in Maple Leaf.

It’s not true that, despite the Northgate Mall and transit center, it’s the most likely place to have someone break into your car.

New Seattle Police statistics, released this week, indicate the most cars are prowled on Capital Capitol Hill and a chunk of downtown.

In the 28 days from Nov. 16th to Dec. 13th, 1,043 car prowls were reported to Seattle Police.

Thirty percent of them happened in that one area:

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A broken power pole, a prowled car

December 13th, 2014 by Mike

The morning after. Good work, Seattle City Light.

Some work remains to be done.


4 p.m.: Multiple Seattle City Light crews on scene. Say they will be able to replace the pole without turning off power. !!

A Seattle Police officer photographs the roped-off intersection.

Two things this afternoon:

1) Shortly after noon a CleanScapes recycling truck struck a utility pole at 12th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 89th Street, breaking the pole at its base and again toward its top.

Seattle City Light is on the way. Neighbors (including Maple Leaf Life South) may well have their power/landline/cable interrupted as the pole will have to be replaced.

2) Eric emails:

On 12/11 my car got broken into in front of my house at Northeast  91st Street and 15th. Avenue Northeast.

They stole my prescription sunglasses and spare change.  The glasses will be discarded as soon as they realize they are for somebody with a significant astigmatism. If somebody finds a pair of Rudy Project sport sunglasses, I’d really like to get them back.


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Roughly a car a day gets stolen or prowled here

August 28th, 2014 by Mike

Terri emails on Wednesday: “There was a dark blue 1997 Subaru stolen from Northeast 83rd Street between Northeast Fifth and Eighth avenues.

It was stolen this morning between 8 a.m and 9 a.m. It was locked.

Keep your eyes out for any suspicious people messing around at cars … even in the daylight!

Car crimes continue to be the most common crime in Maple Leaf and Seattle in general. The map below shows cars stolen or prowled in the month and a half since our last report. (Update on that report: Lisa M’s car, stolen from Thornton Place’s garage, turned up in Everett a month later.)

It shows roughly40 incidents – close to one a day.

Is that a lot?

It’s very similar to this report from 2011- the last time one of our cars was prowled.

Looking only at stolen cars, 1,697 reports show on the 2014 Seattle Police Department’s statistics chart. But that chart only includes figures through April.

For a better look, in all of 2013 3,541 cars were reported stolen, a 19 percent increase from the previous year.

In 2012 and 2011, roughly 3,400 cars were reported stolen.

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Home intruder reported – plus an amazing 38 crime incidents near Northgate

December 18th, 2013 by Mike

A neighbor sends us an email with this in the subject line: “prowler/potential burglar thwarted in Maple Leaf.”

I wanted to let you know of an incident that occurred on 12/16/13 in our home in the 10800 block of 12th Avenue Northeast near Northeast Northgate Way.

At about 2:30 p.m. my partner was at home working, when she looked up from her desk and noticed a woman peering through the windows of our house. Since my partner was on an important work phone call, she didn’t go outside to confront the woman right away, but a few minutes later she heard the front door open, at which point she did confront the intruder, who was by this point standing in our living room.

When confronted, the woman stated she just came in to use the bathroom. The woman was in her 40s, about 5-foot-6 and 250-300 pounds, with long light brown hair, wearing a dress.

Speaking of Northgate, take a look at the snippet of a police crime map at right.

It’s the first time since the map changed format slightly that we’ve seen 38 different reports in the same small place – in this case in and around the 400 block of Northeast Northgate Way.

The time range is from the beginning of December to the present. The crimes are mixed – largely stolen vehicles, prowled cars and shopliftings. (We counted seven stolen cars and 11 car prowls before the map glitched out on us.)

The red-and-black mask? That’s the “cyborg bandit” we wrote about earlier who robbed the Northgate Sterling  Bank branch.

That stretch of Northgate, home to both the mall and the transit center, is known as a crime “hot spot.” In our earlier post we noted that more juveniles are arrested there – by far – than in any other place in Seattle.

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Reminder to not keep valuables in vehicles

June 8th, 2013 by master

At least two Maple Leaf neighbors on Northeast 97th Street between Roosevelt Way and Eighth Avenue Northeast woke up to a smashed windows Friday morning.

The neighbor we spoke with said nothing was taken and that the door wasn’t even unlocked, which she said was actually more frustrating since it appears to simply be a random act of violence. There’s also the possibility somebody spooked the would-be prowlers, but regardless, it’s a good reminder to always remove valuables from your vehicle.

The neighbor also noted that she had just lowered her deductible to zero, which might be a good thing for Maple Leafers who park on our neighborhood streets to consider.

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One stolen Subaru (plus 9 other stolen or prowled cars) – BUT a found bike

May 16th, 2013 by Mike

Catherine emails this morning:

Last night between the hrs of 12:30-8 a.m. our family and business car was stolen from right out front of our house.

This is a travesty for us as we own & operate a small family pickling business and it is our only vehicle to make deliveries of our product to our restaurant accounts throughout the city. Tomorrow is our delivery day so we are pretty upset about what has happened as you can imagine.

To make matters worse we had just purchased $300 worth of pickling jars and put $50 worth of gas in it.

They live at 12th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 100th Street. The license plate is ALC7551.

The car is a 1999 Black Subaru Outback, Limited edition with 2 sunroofs but a few little dings on the right front panel. I have attached the best pic I have of it.

There is a bright red bumper sticker on the back that say’s “Cape Flattery” in white letters that makes it very distinguishable and as I mentioned, the back was completely full of cases of pickling jars as of last night.

Of course the police have been notified and it is not in any impound so it could be anywhere at this point though the police just told me that they are finding many of them near the Children’s Hospital area.

It did not have an alarm or tracking system in it.

Thank you for your help in advance.

According to the police crime map, nine other vehicles have been stolen or prowled in the neighborhood since we last wrote about these crimes.

A bit of good news: Patricia emailed earlier this week to say a stolen adult bike was dumped in her yard and she’d like to get it back to the owner .

Found at 114th and Roosevelt:

Some shady dude ditched a sweet blue Italian bike in our flower bed. We called SPD but they wouldn’t take it because it hadn’t been reported. It has a word lock that is still wrapped around the frame and a tire kit. If you think it’s yours just send me the word. Sure hope we can reunite this beauty with its owner.

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