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August crime in and around Maple Leaf

August 28th, 2016 by Mike

A round-up of some burglaries, vehicle thefts and prowls, and mail theft as August comes to an end. (Shown in map at right.)

But first, from Seattle Police this week.

“After stealing $800 worth of cologne and pulling a knife on Northgate Mall security Tuesday, a 49-year-old man claimed he had swallowed heroin in an apparent—and ultimately unsuccessful—effort to get out of going to jail.

“Police were called to the mall around 8 p.m. after the suspect dashed out of a store with 10 bottles of cologne, valued at over $830, and tussled with security guards. He then brandished a knife and fled, but was arrested a short time later by SPD officers.”

Brad emails on Wednesday.

“Last night a friend and I came back from vacation. Her car was parked at my house (by Sacajawea) and she put her suitcase in between her car and another. She came inside for less than two minutes. Went back to her car and it was gone!

“There was nothing of real value to anybody (clothes, make up, gifts etc) but costly to replace. Hoping whoever stole it dumped it somewhere close. If anybody sees it can can they report it. Thanks.”

(Comments here STILL aren’t working, but you can report on our Facebook page.)

On Monday Damien emailed:

Before our family left for a week-long vacation, a brand new, dark grey 4 Runner was parked at the corner of Brooklyn Avenue and Northeast 82nd Street. When we got back, we noticed it had been hit by another vehicle. There is quite a lot of glass left behind from the offending vehicle’s headlight and blinker, and the 4 Runner has a damaged rear bumper.

Wondering if anyone is or knows the owner of the 4 Runner, it doesn’t look like it has moved in almost 2 weeks.

Over at Nextdoor Northgate/Maple Leaf are reports of:

* An attempted break-in at 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 100th Street.

* An actual break-in at 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 96th Street.

* Luggage theft at 17th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 94th Street.

* Stolen Subaru from Northgate.

* Mail theft along Eighth Avenue Northeast near Northeast 96th Street.

* An entire bank of mailboxes prowled on 12th Avenue Northeast between Northeast 102nd and 103rd streets.

* A hit-and-run damaging two cars along Eighth Avenue Northeast.
* Mail theft along Northeast 91st Street between 15th and 20th avenue northeast.

* Stolen mail found along Northeast 96th Street between 15th and 17th avenues northeast.

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More car prowls, attempted Northgate robberies, a police picnic

June 24th, 2016 by Mike

First, the attempted robbery, Wednesday afternoon at a grocery store just north of Maple Leaf, police said.

Shortly after 4 p.m., the three suspects–two 14-year-old females and one 15-year-old female– entered the store near Northeast 123rd Street and 15th Avenue Northeast. The suspects went to the deli section of the store and took a couple of sandwiches and combination meals they had ordered and then put the items inside a backpack. The group then left the store without paying for the items. When the Loss Prevention Officer contacted the group outside of the store, one of the suspects produced a Swiss Army knife and opened the blade. The Loss Prevention Officer backed off, and the suspects ran off northbound.

Officers were called and located the trio hiding several blocks away. One of the suspects was listed as a runaway and had a misdemeanor warrant. The three suspects were positively identified and arrested. It is believed that the same three suspects were involved in a similar robbery at a store at the Northgate Mall a week earlier, where they set off a fire extinguisher in a security office and attacked a security guard.

On car prowls, on Thursday police released year-to-date figures that show, in the North Precinct, as usual, Northgate leads all the rest:

This is not true for the entire city, though. Both downtown and Queen Anne have hundreds more than Northgate so far this year.

The full graphics are here.

Last month police reported we were fourth in car prowls. In March, and by different metrics, we were No. 1. [Read more →]

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Bad news (car prowl). Good news ($5K for tool library AND a bake sale)

October 13th, 2015 by Mike

Posted today at Nextdoor Northgate/Maple Leaf:

“Our car was broken into on Northeast 89th street between 2nd and 3rd avenues northeast last night. They just rifled through things and generally made the car smell bad (do you really need to stop and have a cigarette in my car)?

“I don’t keep anything of interest in the car although I am a little worried that they may have grabbed some personal information out of the glove box. Anyway just posting in case folks are keeping track of these sorts of things.”

Car prowls are the most common crime in Seattle. The map shows prowls reported to police here in the last month.

The good news – this press release today from the Seattle mayor’s office and the Department of Neighborhoods:

– Following the recent burglary of the NE Seattle Tool Library in Wedgwood, the City of Seattle has pledged $5,000 to help the organization rebuild its inventory. It is estimated that $10,000 in power tools was stolen sometime this past weekend.

“The Tool Library is a true asset to Seattle – a community resource, a place to learn new skills and a venue to connect with neighbors,” said Mayor Ed Murray. “I encourage residents and businesses to match the City’s commitment to get this organization back on its feet.”

For more information, and to donate, click here .

Also from Nextdoor:

Brownie Troop 44405 will be having a bake sale in front of NE Tool Library (2415 N.E. 80th St.) to raise funds for the library that was robbed burglarized of many of its tools on Friday night. The girls will be selling baked goods on Sunday 10/18, 2-5 p.m..

Please mark your calendars to come by to purchase some delicious goods and/or bring tools to donate!

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Two neighbors report break-ins this week – plus police are taking a crime survey

June 11th, 2015 by Mike

Update Thursday p.m. On the police survey, it’s now possible to take it online at SurveyMonkey.

Sgt. Newsom emails:

Wow, I want to thank the almost 200 people who filled out the survey in less than 24 hours. You are all awesome. After my email blew up I listened to all your great advice. I am attaching a link to survey monkey. This way you can answer the survey out and not have to print, fill out and respond.


Two neighbors email to report break-ins – one of a car, the other a home.

James this morning said:

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

My driver’s side front window was broken tonight at around 9:30 p.m. (I’m guessing), looked like someone hit it with the end of a hard blunt object. Small entry hole, near the top of the window. Didn’t look like they tried to steal anything as it was so high away from the handle/lock button. I was parked on the street.

Nothing was stolen, just vandalized. Pretty crappy thing to do.

James lives at Northeast 96th Street and 20th Avenue Northeast.

And this email was sent both to us and to NextDoor Northgate/Maple Leaf:

Hello neighbors – We were the unfortunate victims of an attempted break-in at our home today. We have an ADT security system and have signs posted at the end of our long driveway and all over the house; this was not a deterrent.

I got home around 11:30 a.m., disarmed the alarm, then took my dog out for a walk for 15 minutes around the block. At 11:45 a.m., I noticed a TAN JEEP CHEROKEE with TWO MALES – they were sitting, engine running – in front of my house.

I took a close look because they looked suspicious, then when I peered harder, they drove off slowly, didn’t stop, and kept going… my suspicions were confirmed when my husband came home later and we attempted to set the alarm when we were heading out for another walk. The alarm would not set….

My husband then went downstairs and saw that our basement bathroom window had been pushed open, likely with a crowbar, and the sensor for the security system had been knocked off. The prowlers knocked this in while I was away for those 15 minutes!

This occurred on First Avenue Northeast and Northeast 90th Street.

Meanwhile, the police North Precinct, which covers Seattle north of the ship canal, sent a survey to the NextDoor Northgate/Maple Leaf group.

Sgt. Dianne Newsom says: “We would really like to hear from as many Neighbors as possible. The policing plans are to assist us in giving you the best service we can with the resources we have available. Could you fill out the surveys at your convenience and return them?”

Here is a .pdf of the survey. Here it is as a Word .docs. You can return it to dianne.newsom(at)

Its top two questions:

1.) What are the top three public safety issues that make you feel unsafe in your neighborhood?
2.) Tell us what you want to see from the North precinct to address the three concerns you identified above.

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Neighbors report home burglaries, car crimes

May 12th, 2015 by Mike

This from earlier this afternoon:

Just emailing you to let you know of a break-in on the 2000 block of Northeast 97th Street on Monday 5/11 around 4:30 p.m.

Back door kicked in, house ransacked, TV, empty purse and some family heirloom jewelry stolen. A neighbor identified the car as an older model large white sedan, possibly a town car or similar, with dark tinted windows.

Other reports:

* Home burglary, May 10th, Northeast 107th between Roosevelt Way Northeast and 15th Avenue Northeast.

* Car smash-and-grab, May 9th, Eighth Avenue Northeast in front of St. Catherine’s Elementary School.

Here is the Seattle Police crime map for burglaries and car crimes so far this month:

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Speaking of stolen or prowled cars….

November 15th, 2014 by Mike

Two, no, three things since the prowled car news earlier this month.

Subaru owners beware!

“If you drive a Honda Accord, Honda Civic or Subaru Legacy—or a car that was made before 2002—there is a greater chance that auto thieves may target your car,” according to a somewhat confusing release this week from the Seattle Police Department.

There were 525 reported auto thefts in Seattle during the month of October and a total of 4715 through the end of October. That’s a 38 percent increase from last year during the same time period.

According to our crime data, 77 percent of cars stolen in Seattle are model year 2001 or older. The top three cars stolen in Seattle year to date are Honda Accord, Honda Civic and Subaru Legacy.

If your car was made in 2001 or older – or you drive an Accord, Civic or Legacy – please consider purchasing a steering wheel lock anti-theft device at a reduced price from the Seattle Neighborhood Group. Follow this link for details.

Second, after another embarrassing incident, police  say they will  find a way to track stolen devices, according to our news partner The Seattle Times.

“On Friday, Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole announced creation of a position to help patrol officers track down stolen phones and other GPS-enabled electronic devices.”

And this morning police announced they caught thieves leaving a stolen car in the Haller Lake neighborhood (North Northgate Way and Aurora Avenue North).

Seattle police captured two suspects hiding in a cemetery after the suspects jumped from a moving, stolen car late Friday night.

Officers, while on an Anti-Violence Emphasis patrol, were keeping their eyes open for a stolen SUV believed to be connected with a number of recent incidents throughout North Seattle.

The officers spotted the stolen vehicle, now sporting stolen license plates, at Aurora Ave North and North Northgate Way around 11 p.m. Meanwhile the suspects, realizing they had been spotted, drove a short distance before jumping out of the moving SUV….

The officers were able to stop the run-away car before they gave chase to the two suspect who ran into a cemetery. Additional officers streamed into the area and quickly surrounded the cemetery, forcing the suspects to hide.

Overhead the King County Sheriffs Guardian-1 helicopter helped vector officers to the hiding suspects and both were arrested.

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Crow attacks and other neighborhood news of the past week

July 1st, 2014 by Mike

We’ve got crime and stolen packages, feral cats and a found iPod – but first, the crows!

Anyone trekking to the north entrance to Maple Leaf Reservoir Park will notice.

A pair of crows with a nest at 12th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 89th Street are ardently defending their young – to the point of dive-bombing passers by.

Our crows are actually a little late – most chicks have fledged by mid-June.

Our news partner The Seattle Times has mapped more than 50 such crow attacks in the area and created a map. That coverage is here.

In other news:

Art emails over the weekend:

This morning, in broad daylight, at about 8 a.m. (Saturday morning) someone tried to steal our car.

They easily got into the locked car and managed pick the lock on “the club” (the old one with a double-sided key)

They were unable to get the car started but took a few bags of stuff out of the trunk.

This was on Northeast 100th Street near 15th Avenue Northeast.

We reported it to the police.

The officer said the club was a good deterrent but not 100% effective.

I just wanted to let the neighborhood folks know to keep their eyes open especially since it was in broad daylight.

And Greg emailed last week:

On my way home today I saw an individual removing packages from a neighbors house on Northeast 82nd Street and Eighth Avenue Northeast. I followed them and got their license plate.

I decided to loop back to the home to see if the neighbor was home-the individuals had returned and were clearly interested in whether I was observing them.  Upon reporting it to SPD they informed me that (particular) car has a high number of “hits” when it comes to reports of suspicious activity in this and surrounding areas. But they have yet to apprehend them.

He described the car as a black Saturn VUE SUV, and the occupants as two Hispanic males and a white male with a shaved head “SPD says these crimes along with home invasions spike in the good weather so folks should keep a look out.”

Meanwhile, Jessie reports a found iPod on Saturday. “We found a black iPod in front of our house on Northeast 96th Street between Eighth Avenue Northeast and Roosevelt Way Northeast. It belongs to someone named Nicholas but it is locked. We would like to find the owner; can you please post something on the blog and if they can unlock it they can have it back.”

Finally, we have a neighbor, Sharon, with a plea for the Friends of Campus Cats Jumble Sale. [Read more →]

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Maple Leaf crime update since late April

June 21st, 2014 by Mike

Late last week Michael emailed:

Hey, just a heads-up that our house on 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 97th Street was broken into via a kicked-in basement window on Tuesday the 17th of June.

Small LED TV, jewelry, purses (thankfully emptied of their contents), a NOOK and a small amount of cash were stolen.

Seattle PD responded and cleared the house and filed a report. One of the responding officers said August tends to be the worst month.

Please be attentive and don’t be afraid to call 911 if you see suspicious people/vehicle(s).

The map at right is of property crimes in the neighborhood since our last report in late April. Specifically, it shows home and commercial burglaries and car thefts/car prowls. (And possibly stolen bicycles, because we forgot to uncheck that box on the police crime map.)

The map also emphasizes a point another neighbor emailed about earlier in the month.

“So you’ll know, the northwest portion of Maple Leaf is quite prone to crime and is probably the base from which many car prowlers and burglars originate.”

Crime in the Northgate area is something we’ve reported on often. For example, “Home intruder reported, plus an amazing 38 crime incidents near Northgate,” or “And the best place in town for a kid to get arrested is … the mall!

On the map, the circles in that area show 2, 6 and 18 individual reports, almost all of stolen cars or car prowls.

That’s one sort of crime this neighbor is concerned about.

“Last Thursday, June 12th, I saw a tenant at the Olympic View apartments (9800 Fifth Ave. N.E.) working on his late-model Toyota Tundra pickup, parked in the carport area of the building. We talked a bit and he said that the system for sound and navigation (telematics) had been stolen out of his truck, at around 3 to 3:30 p.m.

“I would encourage you to mention this occurrence in the Maple Leaf Life blog, as there have been similar incidents at this address.”

His concerns run more deeply, though.

“In September of 2008, several – three or four – young guys tried to steal the sound system out of a truck, south of where I live. The owner of the truck, who himself was just 19 years old, came out and could see this occurring from the balcony of his apartment, so he grabbed a rifle.

[

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Crime items from Maple Leaf neighbors ….

April 28th, 2014 by Mike

Two- no, three -crime  things that today have come across what would once have been our transom.

* August emails this afternoon:
A common theme in Maple Leaf, but I mistakenly left my garage door open last night and in the morning, I noticed my car door and hood ajar in my garage. Someone stole the few items that were in the car, but I had nothing of real value other than a really old GPS unit that doesn’t really work well. It seemed like a grab and go, since items in my garage and trunk were not taken. However, it was quite brazen, since I live in a small 4 townhouse group on Northeast 94th Sgtreet  and you have to walk into a driveway area that only goes to our 4 garages. A reminder to always keep everything locked.
Hannah emails:
I just wanted to let you know that there was a theft that occurred between April 11-27 on the corner of Northeast 85th Street and Fourth Avenue Northeast. I can’t tell you exactly when the theft occurred because I was on vacation when it happened. The contents inside my car’s glove box and other storage units within the vehicle were strewn about the passenger seat and floor, but only a GPS device was stolen from the car. The peculiar thing about all of this was that the car windows were not damaged. I’m not sure how the suspect broke into the car without breaking the windows or damaging the door locks. This is the 2nd theft that has occurred in the last year and a half since I moved to Maple Leaf and I know that there have been numerous other crimes occurring in the area. I hope that reporting these events will help increase awareness and boost police presence.
And Jesse emails:

Hey guys,

We had a nicer fold up ladder stolen last night/this morning. It was our only access to our small roof garden.

We don’t know the brand or enough details to make a police report, but wanted to get the word out in case the community could help locate it.

Stolen from near Northeast 98th Street and 17th Avenue Northeast.

I hope someone has seen it!

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Car crimes continue to top crime list here

February 13th, 2014 by Mike

Alison emails overnight:

Just wanted to let the neighborhood know that my window was smashed in and things stolen while eating dinner at the Roosevelt Ale House tonight. I let the restaurant know and they weren’t surprised. Was parked close to the entrance and  in for less than an hour. Had a nice bag on the font seat with clothing in it which was stolen, along with the contents of my center console.

Was definitely just a smash and grab as I had things in the back which were overlooked. It’s trivia night and the place is packed so whoever did it is especially bold.

Would love to remind people not to leave anything in view!

The map shows stolen or prowled cars here beginning New Year’s day. Our last reports are here and here.

Car crimes are by far the most common crimes in Maple Leaf and in Seattle generally.

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