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Neighborhood dog alert – beware parvo outbreak!

November 30th, 2012 by Mike

Local veterinarians and dog blogs are warning of an outbreak of potentially deadly canine parvovirus in the area – a warning especially interesting to the dog havens of northeast Seattle, including Maple Leaf.

Everett this week temporarily closed its three dog off-leash areas after unconfirmed reports that dogs had become ill after visiting the areas.

Renton-based ACCES (Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services) sent out a notice over the weekend that it has seen seven cases of parvo over the past two weeks, an unusually high number for the emergency clinic.

Currently there appears to be a community-wide parvo outbreak

The animals seen at ACCES have tested positive for parvo at both the clinic’s Seattle and Renton locations

Monitor your pet for vomiting, diarrhea, and/or lethargy

The strain has been affecting EVEN VACCINATED ANIMALS

See your regular veterinarian to have your pet tested for parvo if you notice any symptoms

Minimize your pet’s contact with other animals at this time

Contact your vet to see whether it’s advisable for your pet get a booster for parvo

The ACCES notice can be read here at the Seattle DogSpot blog, which notes it has posted three times about parvo so far this month.

The Everett release notes that the virus spreads easily and can live in the ground, in feeding dishes, on collars, leashes, hands and clothes of pet handlers for long periods of time. Dogs can shed the virus for up to two weeks before showing any signs of illness.

More about parvo can be found at Pet MD.

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