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Home burglary suspects arrested at N.E. 80th St. and 17th Ave. N.E. as neighbors watch

October 27th, 2011 by Mike

Late Wednesday morning Nicholas Tweeted this photo and said: “5 cops at the corner of 16th and 80th.” (You might have seen it on our Twitter stream.)

By the time we got to the scene there were no cops, but today Per at the Wedgwood Community Council forwarded us a thread, saying “FYI. There have been more burglaries reported in the area you shared last week. According to the NE Seattle Moms listserve, the police caught a few suspects yesterday.”

A previous poster had referred to burglaries in an area he described as “north Ravenna/south Maple Leaf/west Wedgwood.”

According to the Mom’s thread:

About 11 a.m. my husband and I were coming home, turning at the 4-way stop of 80th, north onto 20th when one of the young men described below ran across the crosswalk, north on 20th. We were slowing to turn into our driveway and he changed direction, doubling back to 80th. He took off his coat and turned west on 80th. We called 911 and turned the car around to follow. Another car pulled over and the driver (who turns out to be A WITNESS to the runner climbing out the window of his neighbor’s house at 80th and 20th) chased the man and eventually took him to the ground at 80th and 17th where he held him until the police arrived. The man was arrested. The police said they were in the area for a burglary which happened 20 minutes prior.

The thread goes on to say a women in her 20s, accompanied by another man, was also arrested at a nearby bus stop. The men and the woman were black, and possibly similar to descriptions of burglars in the earlier posts.

“A shout out to the police (and so many of them) for responding so fast,” the thread goes on.

“And I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to email descriptions of suspicious activity. It has helped put the radar up for all of us and let us know IT’S OK TO CALL 911 whenever we see something not quite right.”

We’ve asked the Seattle Police for more details. Updated here.

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Neighbor reports a similar burglary at N.E. 80th and 4th N.E.

October 21st, 2011 by Mike

We heard overnight from J-P, who wrote:

Unfortunately, the rash of burglaries continues. Today, burglars have hit Northeast 80th Street and Fourth Avenue  Northeast between noon and 3 p.m. They’ve followed a similar modus operandi to that your article describes and pillaged all my friend’s electronics, silverware, and jewelry.

J-P says that the victim noticed two black males across the street apparently working under a car hood. “That caught the victim’s attention because they had never been seen in the neighborhood before.” Our previous post stated neighbors believed the suspects could be two black men taking jewelry and electronics.

This new burglary has not yet shown up on the police crime map. “Tip of the hat to the police for arriving at the victim’s place in a record three minutes following the call to 911,” J-P writes.

“Feel free to relay that information so as to raise awareness in the neighborhood and get burglars locked up and their ‘booty’ returned to their owners.”

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Two burglary suspects caught here early this morning – plus a quick look at recent home burglaries

October 5th, 2011 by Mike

Seattle Police say a quick response to a 911 call of a burglary in progress this morning led to the arrest of two men fleeing the scene in a silver Jaguar.

The call came at 5 a.m. from the 8300 block of Fifth Avenue Northeast, police say.

Officers quickly located and stopped the suspect vehicle. Both adult male suspects were removed from the vehicle and detained without incident. The complainant/witness was brought to the stop location and positively identified the suspects. The suspect vehicle appeared to contain stolen property.

The most common crimes here are breaking into or stealing cars. There was a rash of home burglaries last winter, but they had slacked off last time we looked in early August.

Here’s a look at home burglaries since, according to police reports.

  • Monday, Oct. 3: 1500 block of Northeast 95th Street. Rear basement french doors shattered, televisions, computers, computer games, cash, credit cards and jewelry stolen. [Read more →]

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Nearly 100 turn out for police burglary meeting

November 16th, 2010 by Mike

Detective Mike Cruzan addresses the crowd at tonight’s meeting on burglaries.

There’s probably not a crime wave despite the raft of recent neighborhood burglaries, residents were told at tonight’s crime meeting, which is still in progress.

Most of the turnout was from the Ravenna and Roosevelt neighborhoods, as the meeting was held in Ravenna off of Northeast 65th Street. Of the folks who signed in and listed where they lived, only two wrote Maple Leaf. The meeting was pulled together by the Ravenna and Roosevelt blogs.

KIRO interviews Rebecca Nelson of the Ravenna Blog.

But KIRO-TV’s Eyewitness News had a crew there, and a Seattle police detective and a King County deputy prosecutor were on hand, together with Diane Horswill, police community coordinator for the North Precinct.

Detective Mike Cruzan led off by calling the arrests of six teens burglarizing a house in Maple Leaf last week “very encouraging. The time frame was very similar to the pattern we’ve been seeing.”

That pattern, common to many of a rash of recent burglaries in Maple Leaf, Roosevelt and Ravenna, is homes entered during the daytime when the residents are gone. Horswill brought reports showing that between Oct. 1 and Nov. 15, eight homes were broken into in Maple Leaf, five in Roosevelt, and 18 in Ravenna. At least a half-dozen burglary victims were in the audience.

Last week’s Maple Leaf case appears to have been six teens who took their high-school lunch break to break into a home. “One or two people or one little group of friends can be responsible for a lot in a short time. It’s not a crime wave,” Cruzan said.

He and Suzanne Love, a deputy prosecutor assigned to the unit that chases repeat burglars and car thieves, emphasized the importance of neighbors calling police when things don’t seem right.

“A good number of my cases would never come before me except for neighbors looking out for neighbors,” Love told the meeting.

In the Maple Leaf case, a neighbor across 12th Avenue Northeast saw the teens and called 911. The result was the near-immediate arrival of 10 police cars and five detectives, Cruzan said.

“That’s the kind of response you get for an in-progress burglary,” Cruzan said. “Somebody’s home is being violated and we don’t know if the resident’s inside. That’s a serious response.”

But Cruzan said most burglars would hate to find the owners home. “They are very opportunistic. If it’s easy, they’ll go for it,” he said. “A typical burglar doesn’t want to meet you. He wants to get some easy money and go.”

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