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UPDATE: Stolen cars, including a Northgate carjacking

March 8th, 2016 by Mike

Update March 9: Kevin emails this morning to report two hit-and-run sideswipes.

Last night around 1:30 a.m., near the intersection of 20th Avenue Northeast @ Northeast 88th Street, a vehicle ( possibly a black Honda Civic) side swiped both my wife’s and my cars , leaving extensive damage. A police report has been filed.

My neighbor mentioned he heard the incident, but got to the window too late to see the car involved. He did mention however, that a woman walking her dog was in the middle of the street and may have witnessed the collisions.

Wondering if you could reach out to your readers to see if any one else on 20th Avenue was hit and/or if we can locate this woman and get her to come forward with any detail she may be able to provide.


A neighbor emails today that a stolen car was abandoned in a carport in the 9800 block of Fifth Avenue Northeast.

A fellow tenant had left a note on the car’s windshield, asking the owner to move it. This Honda had no license plates and looked as if it had been hit on the driver’s side; the exterior rear-view mirror on that side was hanging down and the doors were unlocked.

Police determined the car had been stolen a month previously.

The map below shows stolen cars in the Maple Leaf area so far this year, according to police reports. There are several dozen of them.

In addition, more information is now available on a carjacker who was arrested last week after stealing a Lexus from Northgate Mall at the end of February. From police:

Detectives believe the 18-year-old suspect approached the woman around 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 29th, as she was getting out of her car in the Northgate parking lot.

The teen demanded the woman’s keys and told her he had a gun. He then climbed into the woman’s car, joined by a second male suspect, and sped off.

Two days later, on March 1st, police received a report of a hit-and-run at Aurora Avenue North and North 50th Street,  after the same silver Lexus smashed into two other cars and drove off.

A witness followed the Lexus to North 63rd Street and West Greenlake Way North, where the 18-year-old driver and his female passenger bailed out of the car and took off running.

Officers found the suspect and his passenger–his 17-year-old girlfriend–at North 61st Street and Linden Avenue North.

Police found the Lexus’s key in the 18-year-old’s pocket and booked him into the King County Jail for robbery, auto theft and a felony warrant. Officers also booked his girlfriend into the Youth Service Center for auto theft.

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Thieves ramp up to pillaging more than a car a day in Maple Leaf

July 19th, 2011 by Mike

It’s been 10 days since readers alerted us to car thieves in the neighborhood. At that time we said auto break-ins or thefts happened more than once every other day since June 1.

Now we can make that more than a car EVERY day.

This afternoon Calvin emailed:

I’m one of at least two people who had their cars burglarized last night (July 18) on 8th Ave. Northeast. When a police officer came to investigate the burglary of my vehicle, another person arrived who stated their car had also been entered and had valuable items stolen.

In my case, one item was stolen.  The thieves attempted to steal the car stereo, but seem to have given up after damaging it.

In both cases, there were no apparent signs of entry.  Residents should take caution and avoid leaving cars unlocked or windows down, and not leave valuable items in their vehicles overnight.

We’ve attached the police crime map for cars over the last 10 days. (Calvin and Co. from last night aren’t on there yet.) As before, the solid cars are stolen cars; the ones with the white dot were broken into (car prowls).

How many crimes it shows here depends a bit on how you count and where exactly you think Maple Leaf is.

But if you look at the diamond formed by Northgate Way, Lake City Way, Banner Way and Interstate 5, the map shows seven stolen cars and six car prowls reported from July 9 to July 19. (Some of the icons represent more than one crime. For example, the solid car icon near Fifth Avenue Northeast and Northeast 86st Street represents three stolen vehicles.)

Add in Calvin’s report and you get a total of 15 cars stolen or broken into here over the last 10 days.

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Multiple cars vandalized nearby overnight

June 10th, 2011 by Mike

Seattle Police just issued this alert:

On or between 9:00 p.m. last night (June 9th) and 0730 hours this morning, unknown suspect(s) randomly slashed the tires of eight (8) legally parked cars in the 1600-2000 blocks of NE 77th Street.  None of the victims contacted saw or heard anything.

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sNOw crimes

November 28th, 2010 by Mike

It appears nobody wants to be a burglar when it’s 20 degrees out and very easy to track your footsteps in the snow.

After the spate of burglaries in recent weeks, crime took a holiday beginning Monday, Nov. 22, with the first snow storm of the year.

Since our last report, a few burglaries and auto break-ins have popped up on the city’s crime map.

A car was broken into in the 50o block of Northeast 97th Street. But that happened on Friday, Nov. 26 – after the snow melted.

And a car was stolen on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, from the vicinity of Roosevelt Way Northeast and Northeast 88th Street. (The police report is lacking a better address.)

Before the storm the picture is a little different, but so many reports are lacking addresses that it’s a little hard to pin down. We do know a car was stolen on Thursday, Nov. 18, from the 2400 block of Northeast 85th Street. Its loss wasn’t reported until the following Tuesday, Nov. 22.

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