March 24

What HAS happened to the Maple Leaf Community Council?



We’ve had several neighbors wonder what has happened to the Maple Leaf Community Council.

So far, we’ve responded that we don’t think it made it through last summer.

We last devoted a full post to this in April 2016:

On the Maple Leaf Community Council – the elected body that represents our neighborhood – five of the c0uncil’s nine positions will soon be vacant.

That news came in the newsletter distributed this weekend – yet it’s scarcely news.

We wrote about it here, in January, and here, a year ago.

Today, Donna Hartman-Miller, who we once labeled ubiquitous, has posted to the community council’s Facebook page.

She says, in part:

Currently there are four members on the MLCC Executive Board; one of the board members will not be standing for election this next cycle, so, unless some other people step forward, that will leave three members….

This last year or so has been an unexpectedly busy time for the current members of the board and so the attention the Maple Leaf neighborhood has normally received is not at the level it has been in the past….

We want to be very clear, we need more people to step up and join the board. You don’t have to have experience, you just need to have an interest in making Maple Leaf a good neighborhood and a willingness to participate. It is a learning experience for every single person who joins.

The full post is here.

She also notes the council’s website is down, and the quarterly newsletter MIA, but that an attempt is being made to revive the group.

Currently we are looking at meeting sometime in the middle to end of April. If you are considering joining the MLCC Executive Board (and attending this meeting), please email




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