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Wanted: A new home for Barkley

February 11th, 2017 · No Comments

Liz, a Maple Leaf neighbor, posts on Facebook:

We are looking for a new home for our dog, Barkley. Anyone interested can email me at He needs to be in a home without young children. I know that excludes many of you, but if you know anyone else interested please forward to them. Thank you.

On a pet rehoming site, where you can learn more about Barkley, she adds:

Hi, My name is Barkley!I am a Black with brown markings Male Labrador/Rottweiler mix Dog. I am 11 years young and weigh 53 lbs. I live in Seattle, WA.

Here is what my owners love the most about me:

1. Loving. He always loves to be rubbed and connect with you.
2. Intelligent. He learns quickly and is very responsive.
3. Loyal. Once he finds his “person” he will follow them around and watch out for them.
4. Adorable. He has the cutest, most expressive eyebrows! Looking at him always brings a smile to my face.
5. Trusting. He will let you brush his teeth and not growl or back off!

Barkley is in a difficult situation. At his age, he just wants some peace and quiet, a devoted human or two to adore, and a soft dog bed to snuggle up in when he feels the urge. He is still fairly active, but he doesn’t have the patience for children or other dogs that he used to.
Unfortunately, Barkley’s home now includes two small and very active toddlers, both of whom make him extremely nervous. Barkley has nipped one of the boys as a warning when he came too near, possibly because Barkley  may have some age-related aches and pains and was being defensive.

Barkley needs to be placed in a quiet, adults only home where he can feel safe and happy without little ones in the midst or dogs jumping on him. He is such a loving and devoted dog – the perfect companion for retired dog lovers in a home with a securely fenced yard.

Please offer this sweet senior dog the loving home he needs and deserves today.






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