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Details on close call with cops, gun at Northgate

February 11th, 2016 by Mike

More details are now available on this incident from a week ago: Armed man arrested at park outside QFC, Northgate mosque.

It could very easily have ended differently.

To recap, police arrested a man with two pistols after afternoon calls from the Idris Mosque, at Northeast Northgate Way and 15th Avenue Northeast, and Victory Creek Park, adjacent to QFC.

According to the full police report, responding officers spotted the suspect, at 15th Avenue and Northeast 113th Street.

Since it was reported that the arrestee was carrying a handgun, we pointed our handguns at him. Officer Boyland and I ordered the arrestee to stop and he did and turned around. We told him to drop the bat he was carrying and he did.

They ordered the man to get on his knees, and he did. But when he was ordered to lie on the ground:

The arrestee got back on his knees and he said he wasn’t getting all the way on the ground. We kept telling the arrestee to get face down on the ground and he refused to do so and he asked why we wanted him to get on the ground. I told him that he had a gun in his waistband and he then reached for it with his right hand.

Fortunately, the suspect put the gun on the ground, saying it was a pellet gun. It was, but in a jacket pocket he had a stolen .380-caliber loaded semi-automatic.

Four officers responded to the scene.

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Million dollar Maple Leaf home: NY Times

February 9th, 2016 by Mike

Tami emails to point out a Maple Leaf house (on Thornton Creek) is featured in The New York Times.

“I never would have thought it,” she says.

It’s part of a standing Times feature on “What you can buy…” that compares houses across the country with approximately the same price point.

Separately, the online real estate search site Estately has proclaimed Maple Leaf to be the 16th hottest neighborhood in Seattle.

(Who’s No. 1? Phinney Ridge.)

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Good morning, Maple Leaf

February 7th, 2016 by Mike

Mostly cloudy, calm. High near 51 degrees.

Rain returns … Wednesday night.

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Armed man arrested at park outside QFC, Northgate mosque

February 4th, 2016 by Mike

Seattle Police this morning released this statement about an incident at the Idris Mosque, at Northeast Northgate Way and 15th Avenue Northeast, and Victory Creek Park, adjacent to QFC:

Police arrested a man armed with a stolen gun, a pellet gun and a baseball bat after he confronted two other men outside a mosque Tuesday in the Northgate neighborhood.

The two victims were reportedly standing in the parking lot of a mosque at 15th Avenue NE and Northgate Way around 1 p.m. when they saw the suspect striking trees with a baseball bat as he walked toward them. One of the victims also noticed a silver handgun in the suspect’s waistband.

The suspect asked them “where they were from,” according to the victims, and argued with them when they said they were from the United States.

The suspect then dropped his bat to the ground, pulled the silver gun out of his waistband, and began waving it around. Both victims walked away from the suspect, who smashed a passenger-side mirror of a parked car as he fled the scene.

Officers found the suspect sitting on a park bench at nearby Victory Creek Park and took him into custody.

Police found he was carrying a baseball bat and a silver replica handgun–actually a very realistic-looking pellet gun–as well as a very real pistol, which was reported stolen in Lakewood.

Officers arrested the 28-year-old for property damage, assault, and malicious harassment–Washington’s hate crime statute–and booked him into the King County Jail.

No one was injured in the incident.

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