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Why didn’t police respond to 911 calls?

February 28th, 2016 by Mike

KING 5 TV tweeted this weekend that Seattle Police will investigate why police entirely failed to investigate multiple 911 calls about a crash at Lake City Way Northeast and Northeast 20th Street.

A car crash during an evening rush hour last month left two drivers angry and frustrated after Seattle Police failed to respond to their repeated calls to 911. Both drivers told dispatchers they thought the man who caused the accident was drunk and they feared he could hurt or even kill someone if he left the scene.

It’s certainly not the first time here.

The King 5 story is here. The incident occurred Jan. 14th.

Frustrated by the lack of response from the 911 center, Aspelund tracked down a phone number of the Seattle Police Department North Precinct, located about 2.5 miles from the crash site. She said the officer who answered was no help at all, telling her that unless there was a horrible accident police were unlikely to respond and recommending she take up her complaint with city leaders.

The reaction so far has not been supportive:

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Police identify suspect, weapon in officer-involved shooting

February 22nd, 2016 by Mike

Update Feb. 25th: “Black lives matter” protesters downtown demand criminal charges, resignation of police chief.

Update Feb. 23rd. Seattle NAACP calls shooting cold-blooded murder. The Seattle Times has the story here.

Police this afternoon released the identity of the suspect shot and killed by police on Sunday afternoon.

Around 3:30 p.m.police were conducting surveillance in the 2200 block of Northeast 85th Street as part of an ongoing investigation. Officers observed a man with a holstered handgun, and identified him as Che Taylor, 46, a convicted violent felon, legally prohibited from possessing a handgun. Taylor’s criminal history includes convictions for assault, robbery and rape.

At approximately 4:15 p.m., officers called for additional units to assist in taking the suspect into custody. As Taylor stood at the passenger door of a white Ford Taurus, a marked patrol vehicle with emergency lights on pulled up facing the Taurus.

An SPD arrest team then approached the vehicle to take Taylor into custody. Officers ordered Taylor to show his hands and get on the ground. He did not follow officers’ commands, and instead leaned into the Taurus.

According to officers, as well as a civilian witness interviewed by investigators, Taylor reached for his handgun, leading officers to fire.

Officers detained the other two people in the car and called for medics. Police performed CPR on Taylor at the scene until medics arrived. He later died at Harborview Medical Center.

Detectives are still serving warrants as part of the investigation, but have recovered Taylor’s firearm, When Taylor arrived at Harborview Medical Center, he was carrying approximately 6 ounces of suspected crack cocaine and black tar heroin. Officers booked one of the other people in the vehicle into the King County Jail for possession of a significant quantity of suspected heroin.

SPD Force Investigators and the department Chaplain met with the Taylor family Sunday night. Chief Kathleen O’Toole has also been in contact with numerous community leaders to brief them on the incident.

You can see the video here.

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Man shot at NE 85th, 20th Ave. NE UPDATE Officers involved

February 21st, 2016 by Mike

Update: The suspect has died.

Seattle Police have issued a news release:

Officer Involved Shooting After Confrontation In Wedgwood Neighborhood

Written by Public Affairs on February 21, 2016 5:13 pm

Seattle Police Force Investigation detectives are investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred in the Wedgwood neighborhood late this afternoon.

Officers from the North Precinct were investigating a suspicious car in the 2100 block of NE 85th St. around 3:45 p.m. when officers spotted a known felon who was clearly armed. Officers contacted the man who refused commands. Two officers fired at the suspect during the confrontation.

Seattle Fire medics provided emergency care to the suspect and transported him to Harborview Medical Center. The suspect’s injuries appear to be life-threatening.

As per SPD policy, designed in collaboration with the Department of Justice, detectives from the Force Investigation Team and Crime Scene Investigators are on-scene with representatives from the Office of Professional Accountability to collect evidence and review the incident.

Per department policy, the officer involved in the shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

This is a developing incident and we will update this post with additional information as it becomes available

Update 1:

Harborview Medical Center staff have confirmed that the suspect has died of his injuries.

This is still a very active investigation. As additional information becomes available, we will continue to share it publicly.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call the Force Investigation Team directly at 206 684-9292.

Our news partner The Seattle Times is updating here.

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Cafe Piccolo closes, more mail theft reports

February 21st, 2016 by Mike

Cafe Piccolo is closing this month after a decade serving Maple Leaf dinners.

The last day for the restaurant, at 9400 Roosevelt Way N.E., is Feb. 29th.

On its Facebook page, Cafe Piccolo says, in part:

Thank you Maple Leaf and Café Piccolo fans for 10 years of devoted business! Café Piccolo will close its doors on February 29th under the Carlino ownership. This was not an easy decision to make, as we have grown fond of all of you and attached to the community that has supported us through the good times and the challenges of a not so great economy.

Our great staff that you have come to know will be staying on to help with the transition to the new owner. We are confident that we are leaving the restaurant in very good hands, someone who will be able to take this location to the next level and grow with the neighborhood.

Since the restaurant is not open Sundays or Mondays, that effectively means the last day to eat there is Saturday, Feb. 27th.

Thanks, Chris, for the heads-up on Piccolo. Thanks, also, to Terry for the news last month that Hang Fire Design gallery and True Color Hair Design, both on Roosevelt, have shut their doors.

Also, earlier this weekend Jesse wrote to say:

On Friday night, February 19th, at 10:45 p.m. I stepped outside (corner of 8th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 103rd  Street) and saw a blue truck with a covered bed, man driving and woman in the passenger seat, stop at our mailbox bank. She saw me and he sped off towards Roosevelt. I have never seen this truck in the past and it was obvious that they were there to steal mail.

Last week a similar mail theft was reported at 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 102nd Street.

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Two more things about Pronto bike rental…UPDATE

February 18th, 2016 by Mike

Weekend update: Pronto muddles on.

The Seattle Bike Blog has a long Pronto update here, including a look at its financials.

In other words, the proposed $1.4 million is a buyout, since the city is purchasing assets (and getting a good deal as you will see below). But the $305,000 is a bailout, a cash injection to keep the system afloat.

In addition, Crosscut has a piece today.


On what’s already an exceedingly odd day (see police chief, also Pope, Trump), here are two new things about Seattle’s failing Pronto bike rental service:

1) In an editorial, The Seattle Times suggests we wish Pronto off on the Eastside.

It probably won’t work there, either, the Times seems to say, but maybe they’ll give us money for it.

2) Over at Publicola, Josh Feit reveals Seattle, which is considering spending $1.4 million to rescue Pronto, just (quietly) spent nearly a third of a million dollars on it.

The city has already spent $305,000 to keep Pronto afloat through February. SDOT went ahead and gave $65,000 to Pronto last December and $240,000 this year so Pronto could pay its vendor contract.

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Delayed 911 response “completely unacceptable:” police chief

February 18th, 2016 by Mike

In an odd half-day conversation with participants in the social media forum Nextdoor, Seattle’s new police chief said:

*  “It’s no surprise that your concerns again reflect what I’ve heard consistently from residents throughout the city. Property crime, 911 response, and homelessness are top of your lists.”

*  “This week we established a Property Crimes Task Force to focus exclusively on these crimes. This team will use strategies similar to those that have proven effective in addressing chronic crime and drug dealing downtown and in other neighborhoods in the city. I will share the early results soon.”
* “Our delayed 911 response times are completely unacceptable. Mayor Murray has directed me to take a hard look at our 911 response and modernize our system.”
Chief Kathleen O’Toole also addressed homeless issues in the conversation. For more, go to The C i s for Crank.
The “Nextdoor Town Hall” was announced at 10:22 a.m. Wednesday with this posting to the Nextdoor site:

Today I’d like to take this opportunity to hear directly from you. Let me know what we’re doing right, where we can improve and what questions you have. Simply reply to this post with your questions by 3:00 PM today and I’ll try to answer as many as possible with a post by 6:00 PM this evening.

She got 311 replies. Here’s her entire response:

[

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Funny … we thought we were old Subaru

February 17th, 2016 by Mike

The ever-entertaining Gene Balk, in his ongoing effort to bring enlightenment to the masses, has more head-scratching news:

Much of Maple Leaf is No. 2! in owning politically correct Toyota Priuses. Or whatever the plural is of Prius. (Priusi?)
Balk, the Seattle Time’s FYI guy, has crunched numbers from the state’s Department of Licensing and the census bureau.

As the top-selling hybrid — Urban Dictionary defines it as “the most liberal car ever” — the Prius conforms nicely with Seattle’s environmentalist ethos. The distinctively styled sedan has become a kind of green status symbol, according to a recent study on Prius owners, an example of “conspicuous conservation.”


If the outdoorsy Subaru represents Seattle’s free-spirited inner child, then the Earth-friendly Prius plays the role of responsible parent.

That’s OK. Know who owns more?

Tukwila. (Why? Uber.)

Plus, hats off to Gene:

So is the Prius the quintessential Seattle car? Popular as they are here, they still don’t threaten Subaru.

DOL records show there are about 13,000 Priuses registered as passenger vehicles in King County. Subaru’s most popular model here, the Forester, numbers nearly twice that.

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Community crime meeting, Debora Juarez walking tour

February 17th, 2016 by Mike

A community meeting on crime in north Seattle has been called by a church just off North Northgate Way.

“Averi Norgaard of Epic Life Church  is inviting the church’s neighbors to join their congregation to start the conversation on how to reclaim their sense of safety. They also want to work with the city to bring the crime rate down.”

The full story from KOMO is here.

The church is at 10510 Stone Ave. N. The meeting is Sunday, Feb. 21, from 6-8 p.m.

On Friday, new Seattle City Councilwoman Debora is planning a walking tour of part of her Fifth District.

The tour is planned for Feb. 19th from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

It begins from 10-11:30 a.m. at Northaven senior living, 11045 Eighth Avenue N.E.

From 1:30  2:30 p.m. it moves to North Helpline, 12736 33rd Ave. N.E.

Continuing from 3-4 p.m. at Mary’s Place, 1155 N. 130th St.

And ending from 4:30-6:30 p.m. with a reception at The Shanty Tavern (?), 9002 Lake City Way N.E.

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Wind’s from the east – rain coming in

February 13th, 2016 by Mike

Update 3:30 p.m. Cliff Mass has posted here: Atmospheric River Fest: A Very Wet Week.

“Now, some of you will want to know about snow. Don’t ask. The air will be relatively warm and the snow levels will be around 6000 ft. Rain will fall on the lower ski areas, like Snoqualmie and Stevens, but higher elevations should get some….”

7:26 a.m., Maple Leaf Reservoir Park.

We’ve had 1.39 inches of rain this week, all recorded over the last three mornings here at Maple Leaf Life South.

We’ll get a lot more over the weekend.

The forecast calls for perhaps over another inch before Presidents Day.

More amusingly, the forecast discussion warns:


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Loose Australian Shepherd at park – plus mail theft at NE 102nd

February 12th, 2016 by Mike

Just before 3 p.m. Brooke emails:

Just saw a loose Australian Shepherd running around at the park. When I tried to go up to him he took off running across Roosevelt and headed toward Northeast 85th Street.

A few minutes later Rick emailed to Nextdoor Northgate/Maple Leaf:

Witnessed a middle-aged Caucasian woman w/glasses and green top taking mail from multiple mailboxes along 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 102 Street around noon. SPD responded in person. Thank you. She was driving a similar Ford U haul van with Arizona plates.

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