July 17

Share your vision for Northgate Urban Design



How would you like to see the Northgate urban area evolve as we move closer to the completion of the neighborhood’s light-rail station in 2021?

You’re invited to share your thoughts at the upcoming Northgate Open House from 6-9 p.m. July 30 at Aljoya Thornton Place, 450 N.E. 100th St. Based on your feedback at previous meetings, Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development already has drafted an Urban Design Framework for the neighborhood, but it’s seeking your help before it finalizes the plan in the fall.

The plan encompasses the station area and expands throughout the Northgate Urban Center, and includes such features as “urban plazas, active and green streetscapes, and a more complete neighborhood district near the light rail station.”

Your feedback is sought on:

  • Pedestrian and bicycle connections to the station
  • Public spaces in the vicinity
  • Other community amenities
  • Creating an active, healthy and sustainable neighborhood
  • Getting more green improvements
  • Getting more affordable housing

For more information or to comment online, go to the Northgate Urban Design website.

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  1. Dan, see Jeffrey Herman’s comments about the crime map.He is a highly accomplished attorney that lives here in Maple Leaf.He deals with that crime on a daily basis. I have absolutely no doubt that you have no idea what you are talking about. You shouldn’t believe everything you think.

  2. It’s awesome how Rob uses every discussion about light rail to talk about guns, transients and socialism. I think the dude is off his rocker and every possibly valid point he has lurking in there is obscured by the crazy and paranoia. Rob, whether you like it or not, light rail is coming, instead of whining about it, tomorrow night is your chance to provide some input on the design (or rant some more like a crazy man, that’s certainly your choice).

  3. Dear an Observer, I have the balls to include my entire name, not hide behind a pseudonym. I in no way apologize for my concern regarding the threat to myself and my property regarding the forthcoming light rail.If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  4. Share Your Vision for Northgate Urban Design.

    Rob is way ahead on word count.

    Bob and Sue are ahead on content pertaining to the title of the post.

    Rob is using invective, ad hominem, straw man, name calling, the threat of violence only later modified, tangential arguments and has hijacked a thread about Northgate Urban Design and turned it into a diatribe.

    Please, lets not get too far afield.

  5. There is a difference between a perceived threat and being assaulted which is what the state ruling defined. It was a supreme court decision, not through our legislature. It would be up to a jury to determine if it was an issue of self defense. It is a jurisdiction, there is no statue. That makes it different. What exactly is it that you are hoping that you have the right to do with your gun anyhow? This is indeed getting worrisome.

  6. Sue, your Wikapedia-like references are not only dangerous, but absolutely wrong. I refer you to the Washington State Supreme Court ruling that says;” The State Supreme Court of Washington has upheld that ; there is no duty to retreat when a person is assaulted in a place where they are lawfully allowed to be”. See{Statev.Studd, 137 Wn.2d 533, also; State v. Redmond, 150Wn.2d 489. This is why you are so worrisome to me. You have your facts wrong.The subject matter is beside the point.

  7. Sue, Unfortunately, you are also mistaken about the “Stand your Ground” law. That is applicable anywhere you feel that your life may be in danger within the state.It is a self-defense law. Not a property law. It worries me that you are so full of misinformation and apparently hold a position of influence within our community.

  8. Sue, unfortunately what we have here is a profound disagreement in philosophies. No amount of talk is going to make me believe that having the government (local, state, or federal) intervene into our neighborhood is a good thing. I have lived here my entire life and have seen this state become one of only two socialist states in the entire union. It is no wonder we can`t pay our bills as a state. We have Socialists disguised as Liberal Democrats trying to spend every last dollar this state takes in beforehand, trying to save every last individual from actually doing any work, or taking accountability for themselves.

  9. Dear John O, With regards to your comment about someone breaking into my house; Washington State is a “Stand Your Ground”, law state. I`m sure you are not aware of that, or much else, for that matter.You may want to understand what that means.And, what your rights are as a citizen.

  10. Dear MapleLeafBob, You seem to be one of the only rational voices on here. Everyone else is in for a big surprise when the light rail isn`t the “Hello Kitty” ride they think it is. I`d laugh at them but it`s just plain sad, not funny.I`m tired of trying to convince these gulible individuals that they are opening a Pandora`s box. Your turn.

  11. @Susan:

    I am well aware of how things are in Singapore. I was just talking about their subway. The other stuff is a whole other discussion. Although, if we actually brought canning into this country it might clean up some of the trash repeat offenders around here. But again that is different topic.

    My point is that people will use the train more if its kept nice, policies are enforced, and especially if crime reduction is a major focus. The goal of spending money on light trail is actually having it used. Having trains that aren’t dirty, smell like piss, and full of shady people will increase ridership. People in New York have no choice due to the size and density of the city. Seattle is not the same……yet, and hopefully never will be.

    I think we both agree on the goal of having a well built train system that is used by many people. I am sure you agree that reducing things that deter ridership is also a goal once it’s in place. That is all I am saying.

  12. Please cut down on your caffeine intake and get your blood pressure checked.

    Keep your Glock in a lockbox, so anyone breaking in while you are not home can’t steal it. Under your pillow or in your bedside table isn’t good enough.

  13. Morons. I`ll keep my Glock cleaned with you making these bad decisions for all of us.

  14. I have several friends who use the trolley at south Lake Union everyday. One takes the bus from Kirkland and then hops on the trolley to get to work at Fred Hutch.

    All great cities have decent public transportation. I will always vote fore better public transportation and I look forward to the day that the light rail is installed all over Seattle and the area.

    Lastly, Singapore might be nice and clean but you give up your civil liberties. People here complain about not being able to do what ever the heck they want to do in public. The closest you might come to a Singapore place is a gated community with a homeowners contract where they tell you what size flag you can fly and where you can hang your laundry out to dry.

  15. Yeah, unfortunately we have the police scared to death to arrest someone because it could mean a civil lawsuit for them personally. Northgate and Maple leaf will become an unofficial Nicklesville, I will bet you any amount of money.And the notion that crime statistically occurs in the area around the light rail station will only serve to disuade ridership. Please stop doing the community favors like voting for this garbage.

  16. @Rob:

    I actually do agree with a tiny bit of what you are saying, but the reality with light rail is that ridership will increase when it actually goes to enough useful places and that takes time. We can’t construct a massive light rail system all at once, so sections have to come along one at a time.

    The best example is the South Lake Union Trolley. It’s a complete joke right now and basically goes no where and just hoses traffic, but it could be become viable when its expanded or linked better to light rail, which will take time.

    The biggest factor it keeping it from becoming trash like many of the subways in other large cities is how well our city enforces policies for the train. If you have ever been or know anyone that has been to Singapore, they have the nicest, most efficient, and cleanest subway in the world. But they are super strict in enforcing policies of no littering, eating, or stupid monkey business on the trains. I hope future administrations around here will focus on keeping the trains clear of riff raff, because current administration sure as heck won’t. People in Seattle are too afraid of offending and don’t have the guts to actually enforce strict policies. Hopefully that will change one day before it gets too bad.

  17. SUE, Have you or anyone you know even ridden the light rail? I continue asking around, but but know of no one that uses it.I am sick and tired of having things like this forced on us because a minority of people think it’s a good idea. It only passes because so many people don’t even vote, anymore.Even a slight increase in crime is completely unacceptable!!

  18. SUE, have you seen what the transients have done to the fences surrounding the green spaces at the on, and off ramps to I-5, at the Northgate Mall? They have all but pulled them down in an effort to “squat” there.There will be many,many, more transients riding the new light rail extension. All this light rail will do is create a serious heartache for those of us living here.

  19. @ Robert. If you are more than a quarter mile from transit I wouldn’t worry too much but security is a good point to bring up at the open house.

  20. We should all just volunteer to lower our property values due to the forthcoming crime.

  21. There will be lots, and lots of crime when light rail comes to Maple Leaf. Not to mention homeless transients everywhere. What an incredibly stupid idea.

  22. by the time this station is operational, light rail will be obsolete.
    they need to have adequate parking for our flying cars.

  23. A sidewalk, extending east from 5th Ave NE and connecting to the sidewalks at Roosevelt. Two blocks, presently Sound Transit is planning a sidewalk on NE 103rd that stops at 8th, so we need to get only one more block to make this logical connection.

    This should be a no brainer, connecting Roosevelt’s sidewalks directly to the transit center.

    Item Two:

    Close NE 105th between 5th and 8th to vehicle traffic, make it a pedestrian and bicycle only access, integrate it into the park.

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