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Another new food truck on its way this week

January 31st, 2011 by master

Last week new street food vendor Lumpia World visited the Maple Leaf neighborhood not just once but twice, and this week another new food truck is on its way to the Washington Dental Building, 9706 Fourth Ave.

But first, Tuesday regular Got Soup? returns tomorrow (menu here), followed on Wednesday by newbie Curry Now!

The menu will include chicken or vegetarian curry entrees (served with rice roti, and a small side salad) as well as chicken and vegetarian tacos.

Lumpia World will return Thursday for its new regular slot, and its special this week is chicken adobo over rice.

All trucks are scheduled to be on location from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Which cell carriers have good Maple Leaf coverage?

January 30th, 2011 by Mike

Four years ago my cell phone suddenly stopped working. Right here, in my own house.

That service had worked for decades, starting when a mobile phone the size of a wine bottle cost $1,000, and a Personal Executive Assistant came out from US West Cellular to teach me how to use it.

It worked as US West became Air Touch and then Verizon, which was and is Consumer Reports’ highest-rated cell provider in the country. But not at my Maple Leaf house.

Nothing Verizon did – and it tried – could stop the dropped calls. Finally the company said it had no way to assure  service here and released me from the contract.

Now I have T. Mobile. Works great at the house. Doesn’t work at Whole Foods, though. Or in Yosemite.

My co-editor had to drop Sprint because it didn’t work at all at her house. Nor did AT&T. We ARE the third-highest hill in Seattle. Could that have something to do with cell woes?

This weekend Tatiana, another Maple Leaf resident, asked if our readers could report on cell providers who do provide good coverage in our neighborhood. (She currently has AT&T.)

Who’s had good luck here?

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Two lost dogs found running on Roosevelt

January 30th, 2011 by Mike

Update 6:41 p.m.

Marco e-mails: “Success !!! dogs reunited with their family ……thanks for the tip Daniel !!! And thanks for the assist Mike !!

Minutes after the post went up Daniel e-mailed to say he believed he knew where the dogs lived.

Jan and Marco e-mailed this afternoon: “We found two dogs running around on Roosevelt and one was almost hit by a car.”

They were spotted about 3:30 p.m. right at the former location of Revolution Cycles, 9634 Roosevelt Way N.E.

“They are large lab mixes, one tan and one brown.  The tan one has three legs.  Both have Pittsburgh Steelers collars on.  We’ve checked them for chips and they don’t have any (nor any tags).  They’re spending the night at the Great Dog Shoppe on Roosevelt and Northgate Way.”

Anyone who knows these dogs can e-mail Maple Leaf Life or call Marco at 425-750-5178.

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Last Drop Bottle Shop open for business

January 29th, 2011 by master

The wait is over for beer lovers who have been anticipating the opening of The Last Drop Bottle Shop.

The new Maple Leaf store, located just off of Lake City Way at 8016 15th Ave. N.E., opened Jan. 18 and has gradually been building its stock of craft and import beers.

Owner Seth Howard, who also owns the neighboring Hudson New American Public House, 8014 15th Ave. N.E., plans to sell as many as 500 different kinds of beers when The Last Drop is fully stocked, and even now the inventory hovers around 200.

In addition to bottled as well as some canned beers, The Last Drop also sells beer on tap in growlers, which are half-gallon jugs of beer that patrons can reuse (or collect!), as well as T-shirts, hats and other accessories.

And all of you fans of the previous tenant, the wine store Jack Cellars, you haven’t been forgotten. The Last Drop also sells a variety of wines, at prices Howard boasts are often lower than at any nearby grocery store, a trend he also is aiming for when pricing his beer.

Hours posted on the website are 2-10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 1-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 2-7 p.m. Sunday. And you can stay on top of happenings via Howard’s Twitter feed through his downtown Collins Pub.

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Northgate Mall's best-kept secret: its public school

January 29th, 2011 by master

Think Northgate Mall is just for shopping and dining? Think again. It’s also about education, at least for the 45 students who attend Northgate Middle College High School, located on the second floor of the mall just south of Macy’s.

Students at Northgate Middle College High School can look down on shoppers from their classrooms on the second floor of Northgate Mall.

Although the space is available to the alternative public school for free through a partnership with the mall’s Simon Youth Foundation, budget cuts throughout the Seattle School District are taking a toll on the school, which has seen its teaching staff reduced from five to two teachers since it opened 10 years ago.

So the students are taking matters into their own hands, holding a bake sale on Saturday (shown at left) at the Northgate Community Center, with plans for an even bigger fundraiser on March 3: the Spring Fling Silent Auction from 5-7 p.m. at the mall’s Ben Bridge Court.

“Seattle has had a really good history of alternative schools, but the budget cuts are really hurting,” said humanities instructor Beth Brunton, who says she teaches three digital classes on different subjects and in different rooms at one time.

Northgate MCHS senior Delaney Grieve, shown above with junior Clayton Byrd, said that earlier this school year the lunch program was almost cut by the district until students put up a fight to keep it intact. Brunton explained that for some of the students, that lunch is the only full meal they eat in a day. [Read more →]

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City prepares for Neighbor Appreciation Day, asks what makes your neighbors so great?

January 28th, 2011 by Mike

This post thanks to Thea at Queen Anne View.

Seattle’s 17th annual Neighbor Appreciation Day is Saturday, February 12 and the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods wants to hear what makes your neighbors so great. Post your good neighbor stories here and read what others are saying about what makes their neighborhood special.

Neighbor Appreciation Day is Seattle’s annual day to reach out to neighbors, create new bonds, and express thanks to those who help make your neighborhood a great place to live. Hundreds of people across Seattle will come together on February 12 (and the week of) to celebrate.

The Department of Neighborhoods is gearing up for Neighbor Appreciation Day by offering a number of ways for community members to get involved, including sending a Neighbor Appreciation Day e-card to your neighbors. You’ll have a choice of two cards designed by Seattle Public Schools students. This card was drawn by 4th grader Angel Corpuz from Dunlap Elementary.

Other ways to get involved: Community members are invited to host their own Neighbor Appreciation Day event in their neighborhoods. Read more about ideas for events, how to plan them, and where to post them, here. Want to share your pictures of NA Day events after the fact? Add them to the Neighbor Appreciation Day Flickr album.

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Beer for bikes Saturday at brew fest

January 28th, 2011 by Mike

The Bike Shack, a volunteer effort to help people get and fix bicycles, is having a fund-raising, home-brew party on Saturday just south of Maple Leaf.

Enjoy delicious home-brew beer and cider while listening to amazing local musicians perform live! Potluck dishes and non-alcoholic beverages to share are very welcome. Please bring your own reusable cups.

The Bike Shack is a donation-funded community bike shop that seeks to increase cycling as a real form of  transportation. It helps people learn to fix their bikes and provides tools for community use.

Admission to the 7:30  p.m. to 1 a.m. party is a $10 minimum donation and includes as much brew as you want. All donations support the Bike Shack. “Casa Luna has kindly offered to host Brewfest again. The house is located at 7321 12th Ave. N.E.”

To reserve tickets in advance e-mail seattlebikeshack@gmail, or use  PayPal.

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Lumpia World returning tomorrow for lunch

January 27th, 2011 by master

Did you miss your chance today to check out new street food vendor Lumpia World?

They’ll be back Friday from 11 a.m. to 2p.m., filling the void after Hot Cakes Confections announced earlier this week that it was canceling its weekly appearance at the Washington Dental Building, just south of Thornton Place at 9706 Fourth Ave.

Starting next week, Lumpia World plans to return to the business district Thursdays for lunch.

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Gunshot fired earlier this month?

January 27th, 2011 by Mike

Joellen e-mails to ask: “Wondering if you have any info about the gunshot that was clearly heard in the neighborhood (I’m @ 104th and 12th ave) on the evening of 1/7 around 11 pm?

“It sounded really close – upon calling the police they said a LOT of people had reported it too.”

We’ve heard nothing – but perhaps other readers did?

Here’s the police crime map of the area for Jan. 6-8.

That star thing in the top left is a burglary, while the car at the top right was stolen. The red-and-black mask is a scary home invasion robbery. But there’s no report of gunshots.

Who else heard this or has information?

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Crime prevention tips from Wednesday night’s community meeting

January 27th, 2011 by Mike

Some crime prevention tips that didn’t make the story we posted as Wednesday’s community meeting was winding down are well worth discussing.

They come from Diane Horswill, North Precinct crime  prevention coordinator, who also provided a list of 19 neighborhood burglaries in the last three months.

Something common to many of the burglaries, she said, is the thieves didn’t have to break in. “There is a tendency not to lock the doors and not to lock the windows,” she said of homeowners. “There are people (burglars) who are checking these things out.”

Horswill said police in recent years targeted and reduced auto theft by about 60 percent, in part by going after repeat offenders. “We’re doing the same thing now with burglaries.”

Three pieces of specific advice from Horswill (more can be found here):

  • Big flat-screen TVs are popular targets and glowing invitations. “You can see them from a block away. It’s not that hard for a burglar to figure out.”  A new wrinkle, she said, is thieves who back their car into a driveway to load the TV rather than carry it down the street. “The car itself and the open trunk shields them to a degree.”
  • If you see something suspicious – like a strange car backed into the neighbor’s driveway in the middle of the work day – “call 911. Not the precinct. Don’t start looking up numbers and fiddling around. Call 911.”
  • Leave no jewelry in that jewelry box sitting in the bedroom, the first place burglars look. “You can replace a TV…stolen jewelry will be a knife in your heart. Get it out of the bedroom.”

Here’s the rundown of the 19 burglary reports Horswill summarized: [Read more →]

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