May 28

Hair for oil spills from Maple Leaf salon



There’s a bin full of hair at Maple Leaf’s Wild Root Salon that’s heading for an oil spill.

The hair salon and day spa, at 8814 Roosevelt Way N.E., is one of thousands across the country that is gathering hair to make into oil containment booms through Matter of Trust, a San Francisco nonprofit known for such efforts. Hair, which naturally absorbs oil, is being packaged in used nylons to make absorbent mats and booms.

Donna Morton, Wild Root’s owner, hopes the hair from her salon will wind up helping with the current Gulf Coast oil spill, the nation’s worst.

That could happen, although our news partners The Seattle Times reports that so far hair booms aren’t being used at the BP spill. During a major oil spill in the Philippines in 2006, the president there ordered the government to set up hair collection centers.

In addition to the Maple Leaf salon, Wild Root has a location in Northgate Mall at 401 N.E. Northgate Way.

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  1. Kat, despite the official decision that hair booms won’t be used in the oil cleanup, Matter of Trust (whose idea it was in the first place) is still soliciting donations of hair and fur.

    Personally, I think that their hearts are in the right place, but their implementation and communication skills are woefully lacking.

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