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Stealing bikes and mail in Maple Leaf

June 16th, 2015 by Mike

Tammy emails overnight:

We live on Northeast 81st Street and Eighth Avenue Northeast, and tonight witnessed two people trying to steal a nice bicycle.

We interrupted them as they were trying to shove the bicycle into a black car (looked like an old cop car like a Crown Victoria or something) that had a white front panel on the passenger side. It was a male and female team, both Caucasian and blond.

He had a short buzz cut haircut and she had longer blondish hair. The car sped down our street and parked. A few seconds later she rode up on the bike. We didn’t see the actual taking of the bike, only when they were trying to shove it into the trunk and then when that didn’t work shove it into the backseat.

We approached them and asked if they needed help or if they were just trying to steal someone else’s bike. Then we told them we were calling the cops and tried to take a photo of the license plate.

The cops were called, they took a report but we are hoping to help find the owner of the bike since it is obviously from our neighborhood and the cop said our efforts to place the bike will be much more successful than if we gave him the bike to take with him.

If anyone knows someone who is missing a bike from this evening, I wonder if they can email the and then you could put us in touch with them.

And Jennifer reports on Monday in Nextdoor Northgate/Maple Leaf:

I came home from work this morning to find my neighbors’ and my mailboxes all opened and mail scattered on the ground. One of my neighbors had a package that had been ripped open and the item taken out. This was on Northeast 100th Street and Eighth Avenue Northeast.

I know this is an ongoing problem in this neighborhood, just wanted to alert others!

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