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The bunny of Maple Leaf – found!

January 8th, 2015 by Mike

Kelle emails:

I would like to post on your blog but don’t really know how to do it. I wanted to post that early this morning I found a large rabbit in our front garden.
The rabbit is friendly and appears to be someone’s pet.  Maple Leaf bunny on the hop? Please call or email me and describe him and I’ll give you the address so you can come and get  him. The cross streets are Fifth Avenue Northeast and Northeast 78th Street. 206)528 2227

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Two cat tales – one missing, one found

June 18th, 2014 by Mike

Update 6/20: Dash is back.

“I am pleased to say that Dash has returned. He was filthy dirty and starving, which leads me to believe that he accidentally got stuck in a garage or a shed, but he is free now. Thanks for posting on the blog and thanks to those that reached out to me.”


Jesse emails overnight: “We lost our black and white cat, Dash, Sunday night. He lives on Northeast Eighth Street and 103rd Avenue Northeast, and likes to travel the neighborhood.

“If found, please call Jesse at 206-909-3670.”

As it happens, on Sunday we received an email from Kennan:

Just thought I would put the word out that there’s been a longish haired grey and white cat with a bell on its collar hanging out around 12th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 92nd Street for the past two days. It’s extremely friendly and keeps trying to walk into people’s houses… have to assume it’s lost now that it’s been around a couple of days! Is anyone looking?

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Missing cat Macchi lost on N.E. 98th St. since Thursday

December 28th, 2013 by Mike

Amy emails this afternoon:

Someone in the neighborhood suggested I send my info to Maple Leaf Life about our missing cat. I’m heartbroken, so I’m hoping you’ll be able to post a blurb. The info is below and pictures are attached. Thank you!

We’re out of town and our cat ran away from home, Northeast 98th Street between Roosevelt and Eighth avenues northeast, on Thursday. His name is Macchiato (Macchi for short). He has medium length black and white fur and weighs about 10lbs.

He’s probably pretty freaked out, since he’s never been outside for more than five minutes at a time. If you spot him please let me know ASAP! My number is 314-223-7781.

He’ likely going to be hard to catch. Any help is appreciated, we feel so helpless since we’re not able to be there looking for him ourselves.

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Neighborhood news of cared-for cats, lost-and-found dogs and a balance bike – plus construction noise!

December 12th, 2013 by Mike

Recent news from our readers:

Holland emails:

This past Sunday, December 8, my beloved black cat Pawnee was struck by a car on 15th Avenue Northeast between Northeast 96th and 97th streets.

My neighbor drove by and saw people taking care of him by pulling him off the road and covering him with a blue towel. I wanted to send a thank you. We weren’t home at the time and I really appreciate that you lovingly covered him so we didn’t have to find him ourselves. Pawnee was a beloved member of our family who loved children, our neighbors, and hunting rodents. He was also a great adventurer who would stay out all night and explore the neighborhood. He lived his nine lives happy and to the fullest. Thank you again.

Katy emails:

A kid’s balance bike was left in front of our house on Northeast 84th Street, a week or two ago. Is anyone missing theirs? It doesn’t belong to our immediate neighbors.

And Micah emails overnight:

Hello. Our chocolate Lab, Bob wandered away from our house on 5th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 85th Street  around 5 p.m. tonight. He’s a big Lab wearing a bright orange collar. We are wondering if you could put the word out.

We’ve heard about Bob before, I think.

But by this morning, he was found and back home.

Finally, Sound Transit emails:

Construction crews working to build the Northgate Link Extension for Sound Transit will be making an early morning equipment delivery to the Maple Leaf Portal site. The delivery may cause some noise.

Two large sections of a tunnel boring machine will be unloaded at the former North Seattle’s Park-and-Ride south lot early in the morning on Saturday, Dec. 14 and again on Sunday, Dec. 15. Crews expect the delivery to arrive at approximately 5 a.m. each morning.

Nearby residents may hear continuously running engines while crews use a crane to unload the TBM segments from over-sized trucks.

The work is expected to take about 3 hours each morning.

(We’re guessing TBM means Tunnel Boring Machine.)

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Now we have a lost Golden Retriever, Peggy Sue

November 4th, 2012 by Mike

Update 4 p.m.: Peggy Sue is back with her owner.

Now we have Peggy Sue, a Golden Retriever found in a backyard (not hers) this afternoon near Roosevelt Avenue Northeast and Northeast 84th Street.

Please let us know if you know Peggy Sue.

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This time it’s a found kitten

September 29th, 2012 by Mike

Karen emails us overnight:

I found a sweet little orange kitten at Latona and 85th street on Friday late evening. She is not wild or feral. She does not have a collar, but she seems to be missing her home. Call me at 206-819-5339 if this is your kitten.

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This time it's a found kitten

September 29th, 2012 by Mike

Karen emails us overnight:

I found a sweet little orange kitten at Latona and 85th street on Friday late evening. She is not wild or feral. She does not have a collar, but she seems to be missing her home. Call me at 206-819-5339 if this is your kitten.

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Found dog on 8th Ave. N.E. in Maple Leaf

August 12th, 2012 by Mike

Robin writes overnight to say she and her husband found a lost dog about 8 p.m. at the corner of Eighth Avenue Northeast and Northeast 86th Street.

The dog is a (we believe) young very dark brown/black female pit bull with a slight white marking across her nose and white on her feet. She was wearing an army green studded collar with a City of Seattle license, but no info/name tag. She is an incredibly friendly, sweet doggie. We went door to door searching for her home or for anyone who could recognize her. Unfortunately, most people were not at home, and those who were did not know who she was.

They took the dog to ACCES – Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services – at 11536 Lake City Way N.E., where the vet could not find a microchip.

As Robin and her husband have cats, they left the dog at the vet. “Please, if you would, help pass on this info so we can try and get this sweet, sweet doggie back to her home.”

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Did you lose a small parrot over the weekend?

July 29th, 2012 by master

A new addition to the flock of Maple Leaf parakeets? Reader Mike asked us to share this news:

A very friendly multi-color parrot or parakeet flew on our deck Sat 7/28 at around 4P.

Contact me with identifying characteristics to recover your bird that flew the coop.

Mike can be reached at

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Now it’s an injured cat in Maple Leaf

April 16th, 2012 by Mike

Brian writes:

I live on the 94th block of 17th Avenue Northeast. I have a note on my door from Access Seattle asking if I am the owner of an adult gray and white cat. It was found injured today on this street and taken to ACCESS Seattle. 206-364-1660 x1.

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