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GiveBIG runs into BIG web site problems

May 3rd, 2016 · No Comments

3 p.m. update:

Here’s a Seattle Times piece that somewhat understates the problem.

Today is GiveBIG day, a day of charity supported by the Seattle Foundation.

Except, unlike in previous years, it’s not working.

For the thousands of people trying to support their favorite charities, the advice seems to be: Keep trying.

The Seattle Foundation’s Facebook page is filling up with comments like:

Ryan Kitchen Unfortunately, the web site isn’t slow. Its been broken all day for most non-profit donations. Love the optimism, but you guys are whistling past the graveyard on this one. More communication and remediation for all the donors who (still) can’t donate needs to happen, as well as some serious apologizing.

Natasha Dworkin I’m a marketing consultant with several clients participating in #GiveBIG. Across the boards, NONE of their pages are functional and NO donors have been able to donate. We are directing supporters to donate through organizational websites instead.

Maelyn Ritter It’s been over an hour – still no update and this post is still understating the problem – here’s a little advice from the mouth of an IT Ops person whose job is to prevent this sort of thing from ever happening….

“What the Seattle Foundation should be doing right now is putting out a statement acknowledging that this is a big issue and then getting Kimbia to publish their data metrics so people know that they are busting b*tt to fix this…a single Twitter message is a good way to anger frustrated people….you need to keep posting updates on a schedule until the problem is solved so people know you are working the issue”

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