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Dog lost, dog found, dog home

June 18th, 2015 · 1 Comment

A neighbor emails this morning:

Is your dog missing? Found mini-Doberman wandering 12th Avenue Nnortheast, Maple Leaf, overnight June 17 – 18.

This male mini-Dobie with a purple UW Husky collar and rabies shot tag followed us — well, followed our pretty girl dog — along 12th Avenue Northeast last night/Wednesday June 17th between Northeast 100th and 105th streets.

It wandered off again as we reached home. When we woke up this morning, it was in our yard, so we caught it and put a leash on it.

And then, later this morning:

Reunited dog and man! Raves and kudos to North Seattle Vet Clinic for calling me back, and looking up the owner, tracing it through the rabies shot tag number.

Please remember to keep your dog’s Seattle animal license and rabies shots current plus a tag with your phone number as dog’s owner. This dog only had the rabies shot tag on its collar and no other identification. We got lucky and the vet clinic was able to reach the owner.

Thank you Maple Leaf neighbors!

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