May 13

Two Maple Leaf business updates – San Marco and Marie Callender's



Several have asked us what will become of the former San Marco grocery on Fifth Avenue Northeast.

It’s not going to be another pocket grocery.

It looks like the neighboring Metropolitan Music, 8414 Fifth Ave. N.E., is expanding into the San Marco space.

Also, Rosia asks, via Facebook: “Hi! Any idea what hotel is being built at 1st and 97th NE? I can’t figure it out… Thanks!”

Thanks to Sue, we have an updated answer: “The project seems to be moving ahead and was likely stalled by the transit work in that area.”

The project is a six-story Hampton Inn & Suites, with 155 rooms, and activity as recently as April 16th. It’s on the site of the former Marie Callender’s , 9538 First Ave N.E., which closed in summer 2012.

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  1. Chicken bowl wasn’t bad, other than that didn’t shop there much.

    Hampton inn down the street isn’t going to exactly raise RE prices. There are already such `quality` accomodations Just the other side of I5…

  2. @TGPML, the original owner was a real estate agent. I believe she didn’t want to have it anymore and actually sold it to the couple. I agree though, the tacky signage in the windows and all the lame paraphernalia at the register was bad! BTW, has anyone else noticed the new owners of COA put in that gawd awful “ATM” neon sin in the dining room window WTH? It’s been off the last few times we’ve driven bye, Hopefully for good!

  3. I really liked San Marco when the original owners ran it… but the couple that was running it for the last few years just didn’t seem to have the same talent for running a cool small corner store.

    I heard a rumor that the original owners were forced out by the landlord so that he could take it over… don’t know if that is true, but if so… looks like that plan failed.

  4. Somebody should make a deal with the Hampton Suites folks to get a short-term lease on the former Marie Callender’s and open a 24-hour diner for a few years. The construction folks are going to be there for years.

  5. I had heard about the music store expanding a couple weeks ago. I also heard it’s mostly going to be a warehouse storage for their business (Please, someone tell me I’m wrong!). My neighbors and I are disappointed! Seems like such a great space for a cool cafe or another grocery.

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