February 27

Maple Leaf – and our neighbors – wins $50,000 project



Congratulations, Maple Leaf.

We – and our neighbors Victory Heights, Pinehurst and Northgate – won a $50,000 community project for being really good about recycling.

The CleanScapes “Thursday North” collection area won the 2013 Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards competition and will receive a $50,000 community improvement project.

Between now and April 15, 2014, Seattle residents have the opportunity to submit project proposals for construction in the “Thursday North” collection area. Representatives from the neighborhood community councils in the “Thursday North” area will recommend the winning project(s) to CleanScapes using the criteria below.

For background, see our previous post: “No way are we more trashy than Ravenna.”

The proposed project must be a visible and easily accessible capital project or community amenity that the public can actively use, such as playground equipment, public benches, bike racks, trail markers, community garden structures, or neighborhood information kiosks.

Project construction costs (including materials, labor and permit fees) must not exceed $50,000. The award money can be used to fund more than one Project. The project(s) must be located in the winning neighborhood collection area.

The deadline to submit a project proposal is April 15, 2014. The project must be completed by December 2014.

Please complete the proposal form and submit to CleanScapes by April 15, 2014.

Web Site: www.cleanscapes.com

For more information call (206) 859-6706.

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  1. Went to a meeting last night with Cleanscape and want to pass along they will not fund any type of study. Anything involving city property would need to be already vetted and on their to-do list.

  2. I would love to see this money used to get some sidewalks along 15th AV NE. The folks getting on and off the buses are 2′ from high speed traffic. I know the 50K is a drop in the bucket in the overall cost, but maybe it could kick-start the city’s efforts to improve pedestrian safety along this arterial. It would also help to reduce traffic speed. Cars fly down this road!

  3. In regards to 15th NE, about 5-6 years ago I was all over the city to setup speed signs. After petitioning them enough, they set out temporary cameras to track the data. Once they saw they had a speed issue the speed alert signs went up. You can do the same with circles at intersections if you can prove that more than 3 traffic accidents have happened.

    While I agree that it would be nice to use the money for better crosswalks for the children it doesn’t encompass the whole community. Perhaps putting the money into the park behind Best Buy would be better for the community. I think a feasibility study for Thorton, alone would eat up the funds.

  4. Yes, Victory Heights is considering some options, including some improvements to VH Park. Note that this is intended to be a ‘capital improvement, easily accessible for active use by the public’. While crosswalks, sidewalks and pedestrian signals may possibly fall into that category, I am not sure that was the intent for these particular funds.

  5. Crosswalks & pedestrian activated crossing signals on 15th ave NE. It is downright deadly crossing the kids to school(Sacajawea) in the morning. It is also a troubling cross for commuters coming off the buses in the afternoon.

  6. I like the Thornton’s Swamp boardwalk idea. Are we talking about Thornton Creek Park Six, Lot 4, renamed the Beaver Dam Natural Area?

    I am assuming it would act as a sidewalk along the east side of 8th NE between NE 105th and NE 106th? That would link to the sidewalk at NE 106th at 8th, you’d have to cross the street there.

    It would also connect to a east/west NE 105th Street sidewalk that has a preliminary plan in place. There is talk of a sidewalk on NE 103rd between Roosevelt and 5th NE, in conjunction with the Transit Center? All these connections need to be made for pedestrian/bike access and safety.

    I’d like to see NE 105th Street between 5th NE and 8th NE improved to modern traffic standards, or closed to vehicle traffic and added to the Park as a pedestrian and bicycle corridor. The present situation, using a substandard road as the only available through street east/west between Roosevelt and 5th NE makes sense only to those who “cut through” avoiding Northgate Way.

    I have been attempting to get the Park Apartments, whose south lot line is on NE 106th Street, east of 8th Avenue NE, to clean up their streetscape there, it is very unkempt and attracts trash, nuisance behavior, abandoned vehicles and such. So far, no luck getting any cooperation (grading and gravel), either from their site manager or the corporate office. It is the street adjacent to the Beaver Dam Natural Area. I am going to seek volunteers if the Park Apartments continues to leave it a mess.

    Speaking of the Park Apartments, there appears to be an access easement at NE 107th that leaves 8th NE and wraps around their pool house, ending at their large lawn. Would a bike path along the south side of that lawn at the rockery, connecting to this easement, make sense?

  7. Don’t forget Victory Heights (and Pinehurst) fall within the Cleanscapes area. Perhaps the VH playground needs some improvement funds. Or maybe a well-placed rain garden or two to further protect Thorton Creek from runoff.

  8. Well- visible crosswalks (x2) on the north side of Roosevelt Way would slow traffic down from freeway speeds and help those out walking to not have to play Frogger crossing the street.

    If not through this project, I hope folks out there will also request a sidewalk or two on Roosevelt’s north side with SDOT.

  9. Do we have more information about the idea of the Thornton boardwalk? I like it, but I’m curious what the impact would be to the swamp?

  10. How about we just have them do a mass pothole fill. THe streets are a total mess. While $50K is great – it won’t go very far spread across several communities.

  11. The Parks Department has two ideas: a boardwalk over the Thornton swamp or play equipment for the Northgate Community Center.
    The MLCC came up with: solar panels on the (decomissioned) water tank (to power the lights and other things at the park), a histoical celebration, a community garden, disaster preparedness equipment, composting toilet, lead remediation around the water tank, a combined traffic study

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