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Eleven cars stolen here over last two weeks

December 31st, 2013 · 7 Comments

John emails: “JUST when I was feeling so good about our street being a bare spot on the crime map:

My beloved/beat up Subaru Legacy station wagon was swiped from in front of my house (on Northeast  89th Street, just east of 15th Avenue Northeast) late Sunday or early Monday a.m.

His 1990 wagon is one of 11 cars on the police crime map at right stolen since our last report a couple of weeks ago.

It is a blue 4-door wagon with black luggage rack, WA Plates 467-YNK – it has the distinctive feature of the right front head light being held on by a set of external metal brackets.

A word to the wise: keep your car locked and think about a car alarm if it is of sufficient value.

In a later email John added the police told him “it was probably used either for a joyride or to carry out illegal ‘business’ and, in all likelihood, it will appear somewhere in the metro area – and my key will work, since they use blanks to steal cars these days – they don’t jam screwdrivers and pull wiring like ‘back in the day.'”

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