May 30

Dumpster fire at Maple Leaf church



Update: Photo has been successfully wrestled (not by me) and an eyewitness account by Dane appears below. Thanks, Dane!

We had returned from Ikea and smelled what we thought was a regular fireplace fire, which we both commented seemed a little odd, maybe it was a BBQ. When we went back to unload we saw the fire from our driveway. From our perspective we thought the corner of the church was on fire…. When I got there I could see that it was the dumpster, it was fully engaged and the metal was bright red. I could also smell the plastic lid, or what was left of it, as I’m sure it was a part of the tall flames that I saw at first. There were others there as well and they said that they had already called 911. The flames were a potential threat to the tree right above it but I think the recent rains helped. The fire slowly burned down and by the time the fire department had arrived it was pretty much a hand-held fire extinguisher job.

Firefighters were called Saturday night to a fire in a trash dumpster at the Lakeview Free Methodist Church. Flames had spilled onto the parking lot and into overhead trees.

A neighbor, Dane, sent us a photo, which we’ll post as soon as we wrestle it out of his e-mail.

The 911 call  came in at 8:27 p.m. A battalion chief, two fire engines and a ladder truck responded to the church, 9412 15th Ave. N.E.

Earlier in the evening, around 7 p.m., firefighters responded to a car fire on Interstate 5 at Northgate.

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