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Male poodle found on N.E. 105th St.

March 11th, 2015 by Mike

Nancy emails: “This male poodle was found wandering on Northeast 105th Street between Roosevelt Way Northeast and Eighth Avenue Northeast early Tuesday evening, March 10.

“Blue collar, no tags. I’m hoping owner claims him before he goes to Seattle Animal Shelter. Thanks!

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Dog struck by car at N.E. 120th St.

January 9th, 2015 by Mike

Michelle emails overnight:

I found a dog on Roosevelt Way Northeast  just north of Great Dog (near Northeast 120th Street) this evening around 5:30 p.m. I believe the dog was hit by the vehicle two in front of me.

I was able to stop and pick her up (a smaller, black and white dog, possibly a Jack Russell mix?) and take her to the emergency vet on Lake City/115th Street. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a collar on and was not microchipped.

Can you please post in case her owners are looking for her?

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Ralph the black dog missing from neighborhood

December 21st, 2014 by Mike

Update 5:45 p.m. 12/23: Ralph is back home.

Dionnie emails:

Our dog, Ralph, is wandering around the neighborhood. Sneaked out of the house last night.

He is a black Labrador/Chow mix with a blue collar. Please call 206-335-3569 if found. Thanks.


Mary emails at 2:47 p.m.: “If any one is missing a gray male pit bull I just saw him wandering down 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 94th Street.

“He had a blue collar. Hope he makes it home safely.”

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And now a dog lost from N.E. 96th St.

November 23rd, 2014 by Mike

Update Nov. 24:

Josh emails overnight:

I am wondering if you could post to the maple leaf blog. At 2p.m. today, 11/22, my black 12 lbs dog, wearing a purple fleece, ran off, he is very timid. He was lost from Northeast 96th Street and 12th Avenue Northeast. .

He looks like a miniature lab.

See attached photo.

His name is Ari.

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A second lost dog, this time on N.E. 91st St.

November 12th, 2014 by Mike

Update 11/13

Ross emails:

Thank you so much for posting this. I have received several notes of support and sightings from the night of the event. Luckily our dog was found by the contractor waiting on the porch of the project the next day. We are all very pleased. If there is ever a neighborhood for a dog to get lost in, I think Maple Leaf might be the best.

Ross emails Sunday night: :

Hi. I am currently working on a project in lovely Maple Leaf. While at the construction site today my dog escaped and I have been unable to locate her (approximately 4 p.m. Tuesday Nov. 11th).

She is a lean (American Labrador) black dog. She has a green collar with squirrels on it. Most recently seen between Fifth Avenue Northeast and Roosevelt Way Northeast on Northeast 91st. Street.

She is microchipped but was not wearing her tags at the time. If anyone finds her please contact me or call me at the information below.

Ross Parker

Parker Electric


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Two local dogs reported missing today

October 17th, 2014 by Mike

This just in….

Missing two dogs.

Dexter male brindle Pitt bull and Nala large tan mix with short tail.

Call Karri 206 679 3815 Escaped from yard, Eighth Avenue Northeast and Northeast 92nd Street.

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Lost: Rocky the dog, Izzy the cat

September 22nd, 2014 by Mike

Update : Rocky is home, having spent the night at the animal shelter.

“Thanks to whoever picked him up and got him somewhere safe and thank you very much for posting that he was missing it meant a lot to us.”


A tale of two lost pets.

Clayton emails:

“My highly social dog Rocky jumped the back fence of our home on Northeast 98th Street and 12th Avenue Northeast to go say ‘hi’ to the neighborhood at 6:00 on Sunday (September 21). He is a large white and tan Shepherd/Mix he is very friendly and gravitates to other dogs.

“If you should see him or have been visited by him please contact Clayton or Isla (206) 525-4823 or reach me by cell at (206) 240-0313.”

And Junko emails:

I’m hoping you might be able to help us get the word out about our lost cat, Izzie. We’ve lived in Maple Leaf for 15 years (on Fifth Avenue Northeast and Northeast 80th Street) and thought Maple Leaf Life might be the perfect way to reach the broader community.

Missing since 8/28/2014 when she was scared off by work being done on the exterior of our house

Female, “grey” (black/brown/creme) tabby with short hair

She is people-shy and scares easily

15-16 lbs with large belly

If you see her please call: (206) 930-3154

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Lost dog, at Christmas

December 23rd, 2013 by Mike

Terry, a neighbor, emails:

“The family which owns Deuce the bulldog, kidnapped from Crown Hill, still hasn’t found him and one of their largest flyers was torn down, from a pole by the Northgate library. That might indicate the dog is in the Northgate or Maple Leaf area.

“Moreover, they have been handing out smaller flyers to people in this neighborhood and the family desperately needs help. Here’s their webpage:

“It’s Christmas. Could you go against protocol and run something on the family’s quest to find Deuce? They need a Christmas miracle and having people aware of this matter, in the Maple Leaf neighborhood, would be a good thing.”

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Lucy the small rescue dog is missing

August 26th, 2013 by Mike

Holly emails this morning: “Could you post another missing dog notice?

Lucy is a very small, gray rescue dog. She escaped from our home Sunday night/Monday morning, from Northeast 95th Street  just west of 12th Avenue Northeast. She’s wearing a pink collar. She is very frightened and may be hiding.

We’ve only had her a couple of days and she doesn’t know the area. Please call 206-419-3996 if you spot her. Thanks!

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Is this impossibly fetching dog yours?

August 6th, 2013 by Mike

Hannah emails overnight:

Yesterday my coworkers and I found a lost dog in Evergreen Washelli Cemetery. My coworkers said they have seen it running since last Tuesday.

She is a female, Cardigan Welsh corgi mix, was wearing a pink camo collar; has a tail with a white tip. She is very sweet!

Contact Hannah at 206-450-1884 or

She is in my care now.

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