July 2

News about Northgate, noisy neighborhood construction, and goats



Several items of interest to Maple Leaf neighbors:

  • Northgate is much in the news of late. In addition to the Northgate light rail station, there’s debate over the Northgate Apartments, 207 units  just north of the mall next to Interstate 5 that now provide affordable housing. The owners want to redevelop what will be prime property with the light rail station coming in, and one question is how much affordable housing will remain. David Miller, president of the Maple Leaf Community Council, is involved in the negotiations. Our news partner The Seattle Times has a story here.
  • Speaking of Northgate and David Miller, he has a question for the neighborhood.

One of our neighbors tipped us off that Sound Transit is considering naming the light rail tunnel entrance near the Northgate Station (roughly Northeast 95th Street and 1st Avenue Northeast) the “Maple Leaf Portal.”

My gut reaction was, ‘no’ because it really is the portal to the Northgate station. Then I wondered if it made some sense to leave it that way for promotional purposes.

On one hand, it would be a good way to publicize Maple Leaf. This could be good for our local businesses.

On the other hand, it really is nowhere near most of our Maple Leaf Business Districts. If we do some sort of “Shop Maple Leaf” campaign in the future, perhaps people will confuse that with shopping near the Maple Leaf Portal (i.e. Northgate) instead of taking a connector bus up the hill to our 5th/Roosevelt/Lake City Way business districts.

He’d like to hear your opinion. Email him at David.Miller@MapleLeafCommunity.org

  • Seattle City Light tells us “we will be doing some noisy work at the substation” this month.

They’re talking about the North Substation, located in Maple Leaf at 814 N.E. 75th St.

We wanted to let our neighbors know that we will be doing some work during the next three weeks that occasionally will be noisy as we jack-hammer old concrete and prepare the site for installation of a new transformer.

The work is scheduled from today through July 20, and must be performed between the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekends.

  • On a softer note, City Light announces that “the goats are coming back!”

In 2010, up to 280 goats munched vegetation – especially blackberry vines – at the substation. This summer they are scheduled from July 23-25.

Photo by Theo Henderson of Roosevelt High School.

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  1. LOL@ slurpee and wood screws. Amen. The name Maple Leaf has always been better than gross sounding Northgate. But yeah they chose to put it there on an island by the mall and can’t pretend now it’s in Maple Leaf. Sadly it should still be call Northgate station….

  2. Exactly what will they buy at one of our 5th/Roosevelt/Lake City Way business districts after they take that connector bus? A slurpee and some wood screws?

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