October 19

All 10 Seattle City Council candidates show up at Maple Leaf election forum



Seattle City Council incumbent Jean Godden and challenger Bobby Forch answer questions from residents Wednesday night at the election forum.

All 10 candidates on the Nov. 8 election ballot for Seattle City Council were on hand tonight for the Maple Leaf Community Council’s Candidates and Issues Night.

So were about three dozen neighborhood residents. So the ratio between candidates (adding in staff) and audience was a hearty 1-3.

Most of the candidates’ positions can be found at the website of the Maple Leaf Community Council (which sponsored the forum) here.

Much of the discussion revolved around jobs, transportation, trust in police, the environment and sidewalks. Plus some issues the Seattle City Council has little control over, such as schools or bus service.

Later in the evening presentations on the Families and Education Levy, the Liquor Sales and Distribution Initiative and the road tolling (Initiative 1125) issues were set.

A highlight of the early evening came from Brad Meacham, who is challenging incumbent Councilman Bruce Harrell. Meacham was intensely critical of Seattle City Light, and in a Q&A said: “I’ve been told that the best way to get something done at Seattle City Light is to make a campaign contribution to Bruce Harrell.”

To which Harrell responded: “Thank you.”

Signs for incumbent City Council members outside Olympic View Elementary School Wednesday night.

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  1. I was at the forum as well and witnessed Brad Meacham make a few personal attacks at Bruce Harrell. In fact, he was basically the only candidate that made personal attacks on their opponent. But as was pointed out above, Bruce did a great job handling them.

    This was frustrating to hear because I really liked everything else Brad Meacham had to say. He seemed to be knowledgeable and I found his comments on transit to be very thoughtful, but the personal jabs not so much.

    But overall it was a lovely event (with an exception of some minor sound issues). The host was great and I’m grateful for the few audience members who repeatedly had insightful questions lined up for the candidates.

  2. I thought Bruce Harrell gave an impressive presentation. As for Brad Meacham being “too negative,” that’s how a candidate sometimes tries to break out of the pack.

    The way to handle that was missed. The moderator needed to immediately ask Mr. Meacham to substantiate his comments, and if he could not, apologize for them.

    Most likely, he might have had a name or two, but been unwilling to give them out publicly. Dealing with that possibility would have been harder; the way newspapers used to do it, is leave the comments on record, and let the person accused decide what he or she wants to do. My hunch is Bruce Harrell would do just what he did; dismiss it with little comment.

  3. @Mike. I have to agree with Jeremy Racca. There is no way that Meacham meant that as a compliment. He has been mud slinging since the day he declared candidacy. He has been the most negative of all the Council candidates. It is people like him that give politics a bad name. There is no place for him in our local political scene.

  4. @Jeremy Racca: We could speculate that Meacham’s intent was otherwise, but what he actually said at last night’s public meeting was not slanderous, but complimentary. Voters should be interested in contributing to candidates who can get things done. Harrell handled it well – you are correct that he went on to say it should help him be re-elected.

  5. You have got to be kidding me!?

    First of all…why would you report such unsubstantiated slanderous comments about Harrell?

    Second…if you are going to report it, you should accurately quote Harrell’s response.

    I was at the forum.

    Harrell appeared shocked at the comment and then said something to the effect of how Meacham’s comment was so negative and false that the comment itself was sure to win him[Harrell] votes.

    Meacham has gotten no endorsements or support from the community. He is a desperate candidate who is slandering the good name of one of our City Councilmembers. I know Bruce personally. Bruce’s character is unmatched. The sort of mudslinging he has had to face from Meacham this campaign is the reason good people do not want to go into politics.

    Meacham has been called out in other forums this campaign season for throwing mud. His mudslinging is so prolific that after one of his fits at a candidate forum the other candidates at the table called him on it. Several candidates approached Harrell after that incident and endorsed him. That is how disgusted they were with Meacham.

    It is a shame that Meacham would try to drag Harrell’s name through mud to win an election. This blog should not be giving air time to these sort of character attacks. Period.

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